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Christmas Customer Stories: Meet Louise Waldron

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Louise, from Peterborough, has a long history with CEWE and her story is one we’re thrilled to share. As an amateur photographer who loves to travel, she is no stranger to getting behind the lens, and this shines through in her photography. Having created plenty of wall art and various photo books since 2012, Louise has consistently turned to CEWE reproduce her shots in printed format. A true fan of the brand, she cites our intuitive Creator Software and second-to-none print quality among her favourite things about CEWE.

Louise looking through her cewe photobook

Louise’s journey with CEWE doesn’t just end there. After following us on social media and hearing about the CEWE Photo Award, she took the next step and entered a selection of her images into our global photo contest – the largest of its kind in the world! Louise ended up as one of the highest placed photographers in last year’s CEWE Photo Award, with her photo of a fruit and vegetable stall in India claiming its spot among the top 30 entries out of a total of over 448,000.

man selling fruit and veg
‘Fruit & Veg’ by Louise Waldron

When we found out about Louise’s recent trip to Kenya with her nephew, we wanted to make sure that Louise could provide Isaac with a one-of-a-kind gift of their adventures together for Christmas.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Louise and Isaac’s trip saw them travel through Kenya’s Maasai Mara, taking the opportunity to go on safari and photograph creatures including lions, elephants, zebras and warthogs in their natural habitat. Both Louise and Isaac took care to capture their experience along the way, snapping photos both on Louise’s DSLR camera and their own mobile phones.

holiday photos of safari

Not only did they experience the spectacular wildlife and scenery Kenya had to offer, they also had the chance to get to know the local Maasai people. Through meeting a tribe and being introduced to their customs and rituals, the pair were lucky enough to enjoy a rich cultural experience that they believe will stay with them for many years to come.

“We had the most fabulous time and that will always make us stronger. With each year that goes past, he and I can reflect on that time together and keep that holiday right there in our mind.”

Documenting their experiences on camera allowed Louise to preserve those snapshots and moments in time and create a special CEWE PHOTOBOOK of their trip, which she now plans to gift to Isaac for Christmas.

Louise chose an XXL Landscape CEWE PHOTOBOOK to tell the tale of their adventure together and completed it with gold Highlights on the front cover. The large format combined with the luxurious embossed finish has created a beautiful keepsake for Louise – and a thoughtful Christmas gift for Isaac. Plus, our Presentation Box adds another element of surprise and luxury (and is a dream to wrap!).

The Greatest Christmas Gift

Louise especially wanted to create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK for Isaac to ensure their memories and experiences are kept alive, and Christmas felt like the perfect opportunity to present him with this gift.

“I think a photo book is a really special gift for Christmas because it’s totally and utterly unique. I felt that I was putting a lot of love into creating this book, it brought back such wonderful memories.”

large landscape photo book with gold highlights

As much as Louise enjoyed creating the book herself, she’s most excited to witness Isaac’s reaction at Christmas. Not only will their CEWE PHOTOBOOK keep a permanent, lasting record of their special trip, she also hopes it will provide plenty of opportunity to sit down with Isaac and the rest of their family to reflect and reminisce on their trip. Until then, she’ll be waiting in anticipation for Christmas Day to present Isaac with his special gift.

“He’s got no idea that this has all been put together. I’m hoping that he will be really thrilled with this – I’m sure he will!”

And we’re sure he will, too!

Watch our extended interview with Louise below or visit our Christmas inspiration page to find out more.

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Replies to “Christmas Customer Stories: Meet Louise Waldron”

  • Ann Lee says:

    Absolutely Brilliant.
    I am sure Isaac will love it.
    The experience will probably be the best thing he will ever do,how could he forget it.

  • Brenda Tyler says:

    I think it is disappointing that you do not highlight all the special unique features available in your software to make your photobooks more than just expensive photo albums. The reason I choose Cewe is because it allows me to fo so much more than just insert photos.

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