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Pick-Me-Up Photo Gifts to Give This Christmas

range of pick me up gifts personalised with winter imagery
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We are sure you can agree that there’s no better reason to go the extra mile with your gifts than at Christmas. With this year being undoubtedly different to usual, we believe that it’s the perfect time to put more thought, meaning and care behind your gifts than ever before. Send your loved ones a pick-me-up gift this Christmas to help them finish 2020 on a positive, brighter note, that also lets them know you’re there for them through thick and thin. Read on for our favourite personalised gift ideas to cheer someone up in the best way this Christmas season!

There’s also plenty more gift ideas over on our Christmas Inspiration Hub with further tips to give the perfect personalised present this year.

Spread Cheer with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Earlier this year, we discovered that looking back at photos means more to us than we realise. In our Pause For A Moment campaign, we found that 31% of people feel relaxed when they look back at old photos, with more than half saying that it makes them feel happy. If photos are proven to increase happiness, then what better way to cheer someone up than with a personalised photo book, filled with their favourite photos? Whether Small, Large or Square, a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is sure to put a smile on their face and leave a lasting impression on your loved ones. From a staycation with friends to family festivities, a photo book will make the perfect pick-me-up gift.

Add personalised messages throughout using text and embellish with Highlights for an extra special touch. For an added personal gesture, deliver their photo book to your home address first so that you can wrap it and write a handwritten note to accompany it. You could even package it up with other small gifts, like chocolate, festive pyjamas and hot chocolate, for the best pick-me-up gift this Christmas.

large A4 photo book themed on the festive season in 2020

For the Tea or Coffee Lover

A warm drink is often referred to as a hug in a mug, so why not make it even more of a reality with a personalised Photo Mug? Warm that special someone up every time they have a drink from their new personalised mug, featuring a photo of their furry friend, a favourite place or a treasured memory with close friends. They are sure to reminisce on those happy moments every time they take a sip – the perfect gift that will cheer someone up over and over again!

Choose to have it delivered to you first so that you can fill their Photo Mug with other pick-me-up tokens, such as a small pack of marshmallows for hot chocolate or a pair of fluffy socks. Add your small handwritten note inside with words of encouragement and inspiration to transform their regular drink into a comforting cuppa that is sure to brighten their Christmas (and everyday thereafter!).

2 photo mugs with pictures of family at a log cabin in winter. Pick me up gifts.

Brighten Up Their Phone

As we are spending more time on our phones this year, from checking up on our loved ones to sharing our Bake Off moments on Instagram (banana bread, anyone?), give a gift that will go a long way this Christmas: a Personalised Phone Case. Simply choose a photo that you know means a lot to them, whether it’s a portrait of their beloved pet, a group shot with their best friends or a photo with that special someone. Then, select a phone case style, model and material you know they’ll love for a practical yet thoughtful pick-me-up gift.

We strongly believe that the best pick-me-up gifts are those you won’t find anywhere on the high street and a personalised phone case ticks all the right boxes! You could even add a small personal message to their phone case that will give them that little boost they need to start their day in the best way.

3 phone cases personalised with family and pet photos

Comforting Cushions

For a truly unique pick-me-up gift, create a customised Photo Cushion and add a dash of personality and joy to their home. Design a stylish, yet meaningful personalised cushion that is sure to cheer them up whenever they spot it in their home. We know that nothing will ever replace the feeling of physical contact with your loved ones, but a Photo Cushion certainly makes a great substitute hug for now! From a photo of the grandchildren to a significant other, your loved ones will be able to find heart-warming comfort from their new personalised cushion – the perfect pick-me-up gift for those you may not get to see in person this year.

large square photo cushion with image of family in winter clothing

A Pick-Me-Up to Last the Year

We wouldn’t want to wish for another year like 2020, but one way to look forward to the year ahead is through a personalised Photo Calendar. Fill a Photo Calendar with treasured moments that will bring a smile to their face as each new month rolls around. Not only will it make an ideal Christmas gift, it will also be an uplifting gift that lasts the whole year. Show them you care with added motivational and encouraging messages to key dates in their calendar for a thoughtful surprise. Create your meaningful masterpiece from our range of Wall Calendar options or choose a compact Desk Calendar that will make days in the office a little brighter.

range of calendars available online to personalise with winter photos

Keep It Simple

You don’t have to go all-out when finding your gifts to cheer someone up. Even a small, simple gesture can go a long way. Let your loved ones know that you’re there for them with a personalised photo cards. Whether it is a simple stationery card with a motivational quote or a photo card, send your Christmas wishes with a thoughtful twist. Accompany your personalised Christmas card with another meaningful gift, such as a bracelet, their favourite sweet treat or alongside a gift previously mentioned, for a pick-me-up gift like no other. The thought you’ve put behind your Personalised Cards and gifts will definitely not go unnoticed and are sure to stand out amongst all of their gifts this year. 

photo Christmas card with personalised text

Make someone’s day, week, month or year with a thoughtful and unique pick-me-up gift! Share your favourite pick-me-up gift ideas with us in the comments section below and on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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