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Create Your Baby’s First Christmas Card

Custom babys first christmas card
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Baby First Christmas Photo Card

You know it’s true; your baby is the cutest baby around. Possibly the cutest in the world, but definitely the cutest at Sing & Play Group. A face that adorable deserves to be the star of their very own personalised photo cards, so we’ve teamed up with the fabulously talented Amy of Cakes With Faces to bring you this exclusive (and irresistibly charming!) template. Perfect for creating your baby’s first Christmas card.

Follow our simple steps below, and you can create your own gorgeous set of personalised CEWE Cards to delight all of your family and friends, and spread some holiday “Aaaaw!” this year.

1. Download our exclusive Baby’s First Christmas template, right here for your convenience. The image is a PNG file, so simply right click and select “Save image as…”

2. Open up our CEWE Design Software and choose CEWE Cards, then pick out the paper type and size you’d like to use to create your baby photo card. The neat little card in our image is in size Small. Select “Edit without template.”

Step two photo card

3. Using the second to right button at the bottom of the screen, rotate your baby photo card so that it is in portrait orientation. Tip: this template looks its best in Portrait.

Step three photo card

4. Upload and add your favourite image of your baby using the Photos and Videos tab in the left hand panel (for best quality, the image must be at least 669 x 672 pixels).

Step four photo card

5. Add our template PNG file to your project just as you would a regular photograph, and place this over the top of your original image. Take a minute to bask in the cuteness.

Step five photo card
6. To correctly line up your baby photo, right click on the template image on your card and select “Send Back.” This will bring your baby photo to the front and allow you to move or resize it until you are happy with the positioning. Make sure to right click on the template image again and select bring forward so that the template is shown.

7. Don’t forget that the text is fully personalisable too. Use the Ribeye Marrow Font to write your own message, or feature your baby’s own name, such as “Lily’s First Christmas”.

Your finished baby photo card will look similar to this:

Finished Babys First Christmas Card

Cute as a button!

This design lends itself well to our Small Greetings Cards, for a Christmas Card adorable enough to frame, or why not create a sweet Photo Mug as a perfect gift for doting grandparents? It’s up to you how you decide to commemorate that all-important First Christmas with squishy cheeks and tiny fingers.

If you’d like to see more of Amy’s lovable characters, you can check out her work over on her website Cakes With Faces, or follow her adventures on YouTube.

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