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The History of Advent Calendars (and how you can make your own!)

Kinder Surprise Advent Calendar
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It’s officially time to accept that Christmas is getting closer by the day – which also means that it’s about time to order your Advent Calendar for this year!

We’re going to serve as your friendly reminder to stock up in advance before the Christmas rush kicks in. Don’t be that person that runs to the closest supermarket on the 30th of November and panic buys a generic Advent Calendar – get ahead of the game and treat your loved ones to their very own personalised Advent Calendar

Personalised Photo Advent Calendar with Kinder Suprise Eggs

Where Did The Tradition Begin?

Advent Calendars have evolved significantly since their origin, but over the course of the 19th century, they have managed to stay part of our Christmas celebrations.

Advent is the four-week period beginning on the Sunday nearest the feast day of St. Andrew the Apostle (November 30th) through the following three Sundays. Until the 16th century, children received their presents on St. Nicholas’ Day on the 6th of December. However, reformist Martin Luther rejected the veneration of saints and changed the tradition. Due to this shift, gifts were then exchanged on Christmas Day. In an attempt to shorten this added waiting time for children, Protestants introduced the countdown notion – or the early forms of an Advent Calendar. They would mark the days of Advent by burning a candle for the day or, more simply, marking walls or doors with a line of chalk.

Did you know? The first handmade wooden Advent Calendar was recorded in 1851.

The First Printed Advent Calendar

Gerhard Lang is often referred to as the creator of the modern Advent Calendar after his mother made him a festive countdown that comprised of 24 sweets stuck onto cardboard. Clearly this gift inspired him into his adulthood, as he went on to create the first printed Advent Calendar in 1908.

This printed Advent Calendar still left room for evolution – it didn’t have any doors to open. Instead, it was two printed parts: one page contained 24 pictures to cut out and another cardboard page with 24 boxes – each with a poem composed by Lang. Children were encouraged to cut out the pictures, read the poem and then fasten the picture onto the allocated box.

Photo Advent Calendar with Kinder chocolate

However, it wasn’t until the late 1950s that chocolate was introduced behind each door…

Today, Advent Calendars have taken on a whole new form – and one that may have lost touch with the original meaning. Take it back to the joy of giving and spending time with your family and friends by gifting them a personalised calendar with a photo that means something special.

Did you know? World War II affected the success of Advent Calendars, as cardboard was a rationed item. It was forbidden to produce calendars with pictures until 1946.

Personalised Advent Calendars

Kinder Egg advent calendar with custom photo

Fortunately for those of you stuck for ideas for this year’s Advent treat, we’ve got a great selection for you to choose from, led by our new and exclusive Advent Calendar for 2019. From those who will be eagerly anticipating one to those who aren’t expecting one, our kinder® Surprise Eggs Advent Calendar is enough to pleasantly surprise anyone, but we think you’ll find something special whichever Advent Calendar you choose from the CEWE range. The perfect way to get into the swing of the festive season!

Your Advent Calendar For This Year

Add Your Own Photo

Aside from the tasty treat waiting for you each day, you can personalise your Advent Calendar with your favourite image. If you’re giving a Personalised Advent Calendar as a gift, we’d recommend using a photo of something that means a lot to the recipient. Whether it’s their pet, a group shot of friends, a favourite selfie or a picture of the two of you, the possibilities are endless. If you’re making one for yourself, the same rules apply – choose something that you love!

Something for Everyone

Personalised Photo Advent Calendars with Kinder Surprise

Advent Calendars aren’t just for children, either, adults can enjoy them too! Our Advent Calendars with Ferrero Chocolate are also a great idea for couples – buy one each and add your own photo to make sure they don’t eat yours…

Our kinder® Surprise Eggs Advent Calendar is available in an impressive XXL size (48x36cm) and is filled with 11 kinder® Surprise Eggs and 13 kinder® chocolates. A real treat for chocolate lovers, don’t settle for sub-par chocolate in any old Advent Calendar. With 11 kinder® Surprise Eggs waiting behind selected doors, you’re never too far from an extra special surprise either!

Our Wide Range of Advent Calendars

It doesn’t stop there either – we have a wide range of Advent Calendars for you to choose from, including:

Our Photo Advent Calendar was a huge hit last year, gaining widespread social media coverage from the likes of UniLAD and Tyla, and this bestseller is back again for 2019 and ready to brighten up your December! For more inspiration on what to include inside your Photo Advent Calendar, take a look at a few of our favourite ideas.

We’ve already outlined a few of our chocolate Advent Calendar options, but for anyone who fancies a different kind of daily treat this year, our Fill Your Own Advent Calendar is a fun option for you to try. Whether it’s beauty products, vegan snacks, pet treats or little mementoes, you can fill up each space in the calendar with things that will make someone special smile. For some ideas on what to include, read our blog post full of helpful hints and tips.

If you choose to kick off the festive season with a Personalised Advent Calendar from CEWE, be sure to share it with us on social media via FacebookTwitter and Instagram. However you celebrate with whoever you choose to spend it with, we want to be the first to wish you a very Merry Christmas 2019!

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