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The Paw-fect Christmas Gift Ideas for any Pet Lover

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This Christmas, we’ve devised a plan to get you off to a sneaky head-start when it comes to gift buying, and it all starts by pinpointing the pet-obsessed amongst your friends and family. Chances are, we all know at least one person who can’t get enough cute pictures of their dog or keeps a photo of their cat as their lock-screen, and if you’re in luck you may even know a few! Fortunately, it’s really easy to buy a special and meaningful Christmas gift for a pet lover, as they’re almost guaranteed to love the result, so let us take you through a few of our favourite personalised pet gift ideas for you to treat your loved ones to this year.

A Cushion to Cuddle

Our Personalised Photo Cushions have long been a favourite amongst CEWE customers, and we think they’re perfect for showcasing a special snap of a pet. If someone lives away from their fur baby, a cushion is a wonderful way to offer them a snuggly reminder of their beloved to take back with them after Christmas.

Cushion with photo of dog

Made from 100% polyester, both sides of our premium photo cushions are fully printable, meaning you can choose a different image for each side – we know how hard it can be to pick a favourite! Our cushions are available in a range of shapes and sizes, from small square and large rectangle to a funky heart shape, so you can be sure to pick something that will match with your loved ones’ home décor and style.

Some Wall Art to Admire

Continuing along the theme of enhancing their home, treat someone special to a permanent record of their pet to showcase proudly on their walls and make them smile each day. Our quality Framed Prints are always a customer favourite, but we have a whole variety of different materials, styles and sizes for your special wall decoration.

Framed photo of a cat

If you’d like to create a bigger print of a furry or feathered friend, you’ll need to make sure the image you’re using is of good quality – so, no photos from social media! If you know your loved one has had a professional pet photo shoot, or perhaps they’ve taken some snaps of their pet using a DSLR camera or a powerful smartphone, these make the perfect snaps for a larger print. Plus, our superior print quality means they will be replicated in stunning colour and definition ready to display. What a wonderful gift to unwrap on Christmas Day!

A Calendar to Keep

A personalised pet calendar is the definition of the gift that keeps on giving! Not only will they love looking at their fur baby’s face each day, but the gift will keep them smiling all the way through the year. Here’s your chance to gather together 12 of the cutest, funniest and silliest pictures of their pet that you can find – extra points if you can come up with some fun captions to go alongside each month’s photo!

Square Desk Calendar with a picture of a grey cat

For a friend or family member with a desk-based job, a Square or Landscape Desk Calendar makes a wonderful pick-me-up for the workplace. Nothing brightens up that Monday morning feeling like arriving into work to a picture of your pet doing something cute or silly!  

A Mug to Treasure

For a thoughtful yet functional Christmas present, a personalised photo mug is the way to go. Pick a photo of their pet and add text, clip art, masks and frames to create the perfect design that’s bound to make their morning cuppa taste that little bit better. What’s more, you can even choose a style of mug you know your loved one will approve of – why not go for a Photo Latte Mug if they’re a coffee drinker or a porcelain photo mug if they love to enjoy their tea in style?

Photo mug gift for dog lover

We’re huge fans of the magic photo mug, where the photo is revealed by adding hot water. For that added festive surprise, pop a photo of their dog or cat onto a Magic Mug and wait for the mystery image to reveal itself when they make their first drink!

A Jigsaw to Puzzle Over

We’ve always enjoyed the humble jigsaw puzzle as a Boxing Day activity that can be done in the comfort of your own home whilst spending time with your family, and this year you can take it a step further with a personalised puzzle showing a special snap of your pet. Whether you choose to create a small jigsaw as a gift for a little one or a 1500-piece ravensburger personalised puzzle for an adult who loves a tricky puzzle, they’re bound to have fun watching as a photo of their pet comes together in front of them.

personalised jigsaw of girl and dog

Plenty of people also choose to mount their completed jigsaw onto a piece of wood or foam board to display on their walls, too. A fun Christmas gift that doubles up as Wall Art? We think you’ll be onto a winner!

A Game to Enjoy

Who knew playing cards could get any better? Turns out, adding a photo of a cute pet is all that’s needed to turn a good deck of cards into a great one, and there’s no time to indulge in a little healthy competition like the Christmas season. Create some personalised playing cards for a member of the family and you’ve got the perfect way to spend your Christmas afternoon.

photo playing cards puppy

You may also want to give our Pairs Game a go – just round up 25 different photos of their fur baby, create your own personalised game and engage in a battle to find all the pairs. Who will be the Christmas champion?!

A Phone Case to Make You Smile

Finally, we come to perhaps our favourite gift idea for your pet-loving friends and family – a personalised phone case featuring a photo of their animal pal. Not only will they be protecting their device, but they’ll also be carrying a little reminder of their pride and joy around with them at all times. Choose a photo that will look great when cropped to portrait size and then simply upload it to our website to get going!

phone case with photo of dog

We have a huge range of iPhone and Samsung cases for you to browse, so you’ll be able to find one that’s just right for their device.

Whichever gift you choose, we think it’ll be much ap-paw-reciated by your loved ones this Christmas. We love to see what you come up with, so share a picture of your purr-fect pet photo gifts with us on social media via FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and have a paw-some Christmas!

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