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2020 Calendar Inspiration: Personalised Couples Calendar

2020 Calendar Inspiration: Personalised Couples Calendar
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Living with a partner can often mean busy schedules, differing commitments and nowhere to keep track of what you and your other half have planned. We’ve always been advocates for displaying your best photos in your own personalised calendar to help you keep a record of all those little appointments, but did you know you can create your own personalised his and hers, his and his, or hers and hers calendar using the CEWE Design Software? Read on and we’ll talk you through the step by step process, leaving you with a clearer picture of your social activities and a beautiful calendar to display in your home, too.

Create a Personalised Couples Calendar

Your first step to creating your own his and hers calendar is to open up the CEWE Design Software and choose your preferred Portrait Wall Calendar. We went for an A3 Photo Calendar on Classic Paper, but you can choose from the three different sizes and four different paper types available.

Top tip – We recommend Classic or Matte Paper if you’re planning on writing on your calendar in biro. Otherwise, be sure to have your permanent marker at the ready if you’d prefer to opt for glossy pages.

Personalised Couples Calendar Layout

Once you’ve selected your size and paper type, you’ll be asked to choose which type of calendar you’d like to create. Click ‘Creative Calendar’ on the left-hand side, allowing you to edit and make changes to the calendar template.

Personalised Couples Calendar Family Option

On the next screen, choose the ‘Family’ option from the bottom row of options. Here, you can also decide the start month and colour of your calendar. Next, choose one of the first two calendar options that appear and click ‘Use Selection’ in the bottom right.

Personalised Couples Calendar editor

Now, your couples calendar is open and ready to edit! Double click on the blank area where you would write your appointments and this will bring up a design menu. Here, you can edit the look and feel of your calendar, so choose a style you like and then go ahead and click the ‘Columns’ tab in the top left. If you’re not quite sure on your preferred design just yet – or if you don’t find one that’s quite right – don’t worry, you can edit this later on.

Personalised Couples Calendar

Next, change the number of columns your calendar has to 2. You can also add headings for each column here too, so now is a good time to add in each of your names. While you’re here, make sure the little box in the bottom right ‘Use settings as the default for all pages’ is ticked, and then press OK to continue.

Your next job will be to add in your photos and edit the calendar to your taste. Don’t forget that you can move, resize and add placeholders to create your own design. You can also double-click on the text to change the font, size and colour, so you can really personalise every element of your his and hers calendar.

We’ve created a handy video to walk you through the whole process of creating your own personalised couples calendar.

Remember, if you’re displaying your calendar in a main area of your home, you’ll want to make sure it blends in with its surroundings and complements your existing decor. Fortunately, we have plenty of background designs available in the CEWE software, meaning you’re sure to find something just right for you.

Now, it’s over to you! Download the CEWE Design Software to get started with your very own couples calendar, and don’t forget to share the finished product with us on social media via FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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