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8 Things You Never Knew You Could Do with Our Creator Software

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Our Creator Software is jam-packed with some truly brilliant features, some of which you might not even know about! We’ve rounded up a few of these nifty features to help you make the most of everything our software can do, and to help make it even easier to design your next CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

Download More Backgrounds and Clip Art for Free

All of our backgrounds and clip art are organised by theme and occasion to help you find the perfect element to add to your book, but did you know that you can download even more for free? Simply click “More” to view and download the full range.

Download more

Add Video Clips to Your Photo Book

If you’ve got a lot of videos you want to do something special with, you can include them in your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Simply upload your video clip as you would a photo, then drag it to your desired page where a film strip and QR code will be generated.

Once you receive your book, simple scan the code with a QR reader app on your phone or tablet and enjoy your video all over again.

Add video clip

Change the Colour of Clip Art & Frames

Want to change the colour of a frame or piece of clip art? Simply double click on the image to bring up the editing window where you can change any of the colours.

Change colour of clip art

Add Maps to Your Photo Book

If you’re making a holiday or travel book, you can include a map of your destination. Click the map button in the top right hand side of the software, then search for a location, choose a map style, and add it to your desired page.

Map button

Add a map

Edit Your Photo

You can edit an image from within the Creator Software using our photo editing tool CEWE PHOTOSHOW. Simply double-click on an image to open the editing window, where you can adjust brightness and colour, crop and flip images, and add a variety of effects to enhance your photo.

Edit photos

Create & Save Page Layouts

Created the perfect layout and want to use it as a template for other pages? Simply save it by clicking the Save Layout button, and it will appear under My Layouts in the Page Layouts area, ready to be used however often you like.

Save layout

Download Extra Fonts

The software uses all the fonts stored on your computer, so you can download free fonts online and use them in the software. Each new font will automatically appear when you reopen the software. Perfect if you have a particular font in mind for your photo book.

Rearrange Pages

Sometimes you’ll design a page but then realise it’s in the wrong place, or you want to change the order of your book. Simply click and hold a double page spread in the storybook window and drag and drop it to wherever you’d like.

Move pages

Hopefully you’ll find this round-up of some of the software’s lesser-known features handy next time you’re designing a book. Don’t have our Creator Software yet? Click below to download it now.

Download Creator Software

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Replies to “8 Things You Never Knew You Could Do with Our Creator Software”

  • Karen says:

    When I used Pixum photobooks software, there were a heap more frames and clipart. I had downloaded them all for use in various photobooks, but when I switched to CEWE there were hardly any there. Even after downloading what is available under the “more” buttons, I cannot find many I would like to use. Can I find these online for free, or purchase them? and somehow add them into my library?? or do I need to make them pictures to bring them in like my photos?

    • Hayley Francis says:

      Hi Karen,

      Sorry to hear you can’t find what you’re looking for! Our range of clip art is updated from time to time, and sometimes certain pieces will be removed to make way for new ones. There’s no way to add them back to your library I’m afraid, so your best option might be to save them as images as you suggested. Good luck! 🙂


  • Paul says:

    I would still like to be able to swap the left for right and right for left pages on a double page spread. Is there an easy way to do this?

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