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DIY Halloween Photo Booth

Halloween Photo Booth ideas with CEWE
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From birthday parties to wedding celebrations, DIY photo booths seem to be popping up everywhere lately! All it takes is a camera and an appropriate background to pose against, and you’ve got a fun way to get your guests in the party mood, as well as an easy way to create mementos of a great event. With the spookiest holiday of the year creeping up just around the corner, many of us are planning our Halloween parties. What better way to make sure your party is a frightful success than with a creepy yet elegant Halloween photo booth? Read on for our easy tutorial.

DIY Halloween Photo Booth

Design Your Halloween Photo Booth Backdrop

The most important part of your Halloween photo booth is the backdrop. You’ll want to make sure it’s in-keeping with your theme, but also make sure it’s not too busy; remember it’s to frame your guests in their spooky costumes, not detract the attention from them! Try to keep the area in the lower centre of your backdrop relatively plain, as this is where your guests will stand, and they’ll only obstruct any design you put here.

We created our backdrop in the CEWE Design Software. We chose to keep our design very simple, using only Clipart and a font from the software, headed with a fun lyric from a favourite seasonal song.

DIY Halloween Photo Booth Backdrop

Alternatively you could also use your own designs and pictures, a foggy photograph would look great in a Halloween photo booth too!

How to use the CEWE Design Software to create a Halloween photo booth backdrop

There’s plenty of Clipart to choose from in the software already installed. Select “Clipart” in the left-hand menu and refine further by category in the drop-down menu at the top. If you’d like to browse even more Clipart, click the red button on the left labelled “More.” This will take you to extra downloadable content.

Design a halloween photo booth with cewe design software

We chose the witchy black cat and the squirrel sitting in the autumnal tree. Simply select the image you would like to use, click the red “Install selection” button, and it will be automatically added to the software on your computer. Easy!

Customising the size, shape and colour of your Clipart is simple; once selected, drag the corners of the box to adjust the size without losing aspect ratio, and use the cross-shaped Move Cursor to move it around.

DIY Halloween Photo Booth tutorial

We chose to use the squirrel in a tree silhouette to create an autumnal frame around the text. The squirrel wasn’t quite spooky enough for us, so we enlarged the Clipart and positioned it on the edge of the design to cut him out of the frame.

CEWE Software Tutorial for wall art

Next, we mirrored the same piece of Clipart to create a symmetrical frame. To do this, select the button at the top of the screen that resembles a pencil on a blue square. This will open the “Clipart customisation” menu. Simply select which axis you would like to mirror, in our case Y-axis (left <=> right).

Fun things to do with CEWE Design software

CEWE Design Software Tip: You can also change the colour of your Clipart within this menu. Select the coloured rectangles, and choose from Basic Colours or choose your own custom colours. Recently used custom colours will automatically be saved here too, making it easy for you to keep your designs consistent.

Last, for a little bit of visual interest, we added some falling leaves to the tree branch on the right. We chose a selection of leaf shapes from the “Yearbook” category from the “Download more” catalogue of Clipart, changed the colour to black and shrunk them down in scale with the branches, and used positioning and rotating to make them look more natural.

DIY photo booth tutorial with cewe design software

We printed our design onto foam board, and fixed it onto the wall using sticky picture hanging strips. As the foam board is very light, it can be easily hung up without proper wall fittings or drilling, causing no permanent damage to your wall once the party is over.

DIY Halloween Photo Booth backdrop

Tip: Our foam board prints can be created in any custom size you like! So measure your wall space first, and you can be sure your photo booth will be a perfect fit.  

Accessorise Your Halloween Photo Booth

Now to decorate! How you choose to accessorise will make a world of difference to your Halloween photo booth, so try to have it match the theme of your party. We’ve deliberately shied away from the typical gore and horror themes commonly associated with Halloween, and opted for a more unexpected colour palette of matte blacks and muted pastel purple. This aesthetic is really on-trend right now, and a fun way to subvert expectations in a way that’s chic but still fun.

It’s a simple look to achieve, with just a few standard cheap Halloween decorations and a coat or two of matte paint. We also used transparent balloons with a layer of black tulle over the top for a ghostly effect. 

Pastel Halloween Decorations
Halloween photo booth party ideas
accessorise your halloween photo booth
details for your diy photo booth
DIY Halloween Photo Booth

Now, simply get your guests to pose in your Halloween photo booth, and snap away! It’s always great to see how uninhibited people become once they’re in costume, and your DIY photo booth is a perfect opportunity to capture the party mood.

Create your own DIY photo booth this halloween
Create your own DIY photo booth this halloween

Once the party is over, you’ll have some wonderful mementos of the occasion, great for printing and displaying in your home. Or why not thank your guests for coming by presenting them with Retro Prints  or a selection of mini prints featuring their best shots from the evening.

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