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Introducing our new CEWE PHOTOBOOK tutorial videos

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We know how it can be… you set to work creating your photo book but something tricky crops up that stops you in your tracks. We also know how important it is for you to get your CEWE PHOTOBOOK just right, so our latest project is the perfect remedy for those troublesome situations that arise during the creation process. Introducing our new CEWE PHOTOBOOK Tutorial Videos!

We’ve come up with seven fresh new tutorial videos and updated our four existing ones to cover the questions our customers ask us the most. Our CEWE PHOTOBOOK tutorial videos will walk you through the key things you’ll need to know when creating your book, from the very basics to the more in-depth features. For all those times when you need a little nudge in the right direction, we’ve got you covered! Read on for a glimpse into each video.

The Basics

How to Create Your First CEWE PHOTOBOOK

This video is your first port of call when creating your first CEWE PHOTOBOOK, with information on each key step you’ll take when making your book. From adding a background, importing your photos and adding text to your book, we’ll guide you through creating your first masterpiece.

How to Create a CEWE PHOTOBOOK Using the Assistant

The Assistant tool gives you a fast and simple way to build your photo book whilst maintaining the flexibility of being able to edit and perfect your creation just how you’d like it. Let us walk you through using the Assistant to edit the design of your book, import photos and change the number of pages.

The Next Steps

How to Add a Background to Your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Discover how to add backgrounds to your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. We’ll show you how to select a background design from the software to match your book, set different backgrounds for different pages, and apply a background throughout the whole book.

How to Access Your Photos Via the CEWE Design Software

Did you know that you can make use of your Facebook albums, Instagram shots and Dropbox photos in your next CEWE PHOTOBOOK? Learn how to access and import your photos from your device, computer and social media accounts to the CEWE Software.

How to Add a Video to Your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Find out how to add a video to your CEWE PHOTOBOOK so you can relive those extra special memories time and time again. Our software allows you to insert a QR code into your project which can be scanned by a smartphone to view your video, and we’ll walk you through the process.

How to Set an Image as a Background in Your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Sometimes those special shots deserve a full page or double page spread! Let us show you how to set one of your images as a background in your CEWE PHOTOBOOK using our Creator Software, as well as checking the image quality and overlaying other pictures to create your own layout.

A Guide to CEWE PHOTOBOOK Cover and Paper Types

If you’re unsure which cover and paper types to choose for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, our handy guide video will show you the way! Compare the difference between classic, matte and gloss papers plus hard, soft, faux leather or linen covers to find your perfect match.

How to Change the Size, Cover or Paper Type of your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

If you’ve started creating your CEWE PHOTOBOOK but want to make a change part way through the process, we’ll show you how. You can easily change the size, cover and paper type of your book without affecting its design.

Advanced Features

How to Use Further Design Features in the CEWE Software

If you’re up to speed with the CEWE Design Software and want to go that extra mile to create your perfect design, this video is for you. We’ll show you how to download and customise additional design elements such as clip art and frames, as well as how to use positioning tools to ensure precision in your design.

How to Use CEWE’s PDF to Book Solution

If you’re a CEWE Pro customer, you can use our PDF to Book solution to create your own bespoke design in InDesign which can then be imported to your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. We’ll guide you through the steps of downloading a template, uploading your finished files and completing your book.

Need a hand creating your CEWE PHOTOBOOK but we haven’t yet got a video to cover your topic? Pay a visit to the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website where you’ll find answers and solutions to all kinds of issues, or alternatively, get in touch with our friendly UK-based Customer Support team, who will be glad to offer a helping hand.

As always, we love to hear your feedback on how we’re doing, so please do leave us a comment on our videos to let us know your thoughts and any ideas for future topics to cover. Plus, if you make use of our tutorial videos to create your own CEWE PHOTOBOOK, we’d love to hear about it! Share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #CEWEphoto.

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Replies to “Introducing our new CEWE PHOTOBOOK tutorial videos”

  • Karen Chillery says:

    Hi there.
    I am just revisiting creating photo books.
    I am making an XL Square book after a school reunion. Will be using around 250 images plus some text.
    I want each page to be individual so the solution my Luddite brain has is somewhat laborious… to create each page in photoshop first! Then upload it as one jpeg/pdf. Probably mad but I can find my way around photoshop…
    Any thoughts/sughrdtions.
    Do you run courses… i am in Stratford so just down the road!!

    • Kate Higginson says:

      Hi Karen, thanks for your message! Your book sounds wonderful, what a lovely project to work on. 🙂
      If you download our Creator Software to your computer, you can design each page individually on there. Otherwise, you’re welcome to create the page designs yourself in Photoshop and then add them as full-sized images across each page – whatever works best for you! We have a page on our site with a few tutorial videos that you might find useful but please feel free to get in touch with our UK-based Customer Support team who will gladly talk you through the design process. Hope this helps!
      Best wishes, Kate from CEWE

      • Lloyd Burchell says:

        Whilst I an new to CEWE I have however created photobooks before. I always seem to end up creating my pages full size in photoshop then downloading them as full pages. This is what I am doing with my latest book. I find I have a lot more control over my positioning. Also by using Bridge to compare left and righthand pages by clicking on the shift key to check text and picture heights. I am doing them as full size pages at the moment with borders to allow for trimming so not sure if I will have to crop them yet, time will tell.Using Photoshop I can create guide lines to aid in positioning and by creating a centre vertical line and ticking the show transform controls ticked when I move a new image in I can centre it up to a guide line.

  • Rosemary Palmer says:

    It’s very helpful to be able to see how it’s done before registering and beginning a book with a company. However these videos don’t tell me if I will be able to create a photo book using my IPad. I don’t have a computer,

  • Gary A Duffield says:

    I am up to p9 of my photobook and was enjoying it. Suddenly there is a snag. It allows me to select photos, but when I drag them to the page they disappear and I get a message “could not upload photo”.
    Please help.
    V frustrated

  • Jean Hardman says:

    I have a Victorian Post Card Album and have taken photos of the cards.
    I want to “write” alongside the pictures some of the messages from the backs of the cards, as they tell a family story.
    Can you suggest a format for the text, maybe using some clip art?

  • Frank Kelly says:

    Hi Cewe.
    I am just starting to use and try to build a photo-book, I have about 300 photos for this project, in about 10 separate sections, with the idea of different numbers of photos per page which I want to be able to change as I wish and want to add text on pages as I see fit . Would you have a suggestion on how and where I should start this process ?. I have all of the photos organised in one file and 10 separate files on my laptop.
    Could I start by organising the photos on photo-book section by section and later add in the text ? Also wondering should I start with a smaller number of photos as a test and learning process ?? – I am willing to try whatever you think is the best way to do this.
    Any advice, help or direction you can give me would be mush appreciated, Also I want to take my time in doing this so I am not in a hurry to complete.
    Would appreciate any help you can give me, can one do a supervised photo-book in stages, just not sure where to start. When I get this photo-book as I want it I expect I will require several more photo-books with slight alterations. Its a family album of photos old and new from many family sources. Regards and thanks Frank.

  • JohnMapping says:

    Still can’t find out how to use the mapping function other than in a very basic way. What I really want to do is to have a large single map covering all of the area around which we have travelled, showing a marker for every photo with a GPS coordinate. The lack of comprehensive instructions or on-line help is rather frustrating too.

  • Mr David Eady says:

    I am unable to get written text on to cover or photo

  • Anthony says:

    Finding very hard to use app on iPad Pro. Think it won’t work as no keyboard appears to input text. Used chat to ask for help but cewe helpline didn’t know the answer

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