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10 Easy to Make Birthday Gifts Your Friends Will Love

Birthday gifts
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The calendar is about to turn another page and you’ll find yourself swamped with the prospect of more birthdays yet to come. It’s not that you don’t want to buy your friends, family or work colleagues a birthday present, the issue is finding an option that is a bit more budget friendly, but something they’ll equally love and appreciate.

We find that some of the best presents can be those you make with your own fair hands and if you include a photo – BINGO, you have the perfect birthday gift that they’ll actually want, love and can keep forever!

So, are you ready to get creative? Here are our top 10 ideas for the perfect birthday gifts…

1. Bottle Cap Photo Fridge Magnets

We are starting with our favourite DIY gift, perfect for any friend or family member. Bottle cap photo fridge magnets are the simplest gift to make, and yet they are lovely to look at.

Choose your favourite collection of photos of the birthday girl or guy to be, grab those bottle caps you never thought you’d use and you are on your way to making the one of the most personalised presents they have ever received. These delicate pieces will be something they will treasure forever. Even better, they will get a smile every time the fridge door is opened. Perfect!

Bottle cap photo magnets

How It’s Made

2. Wooden Photo Trinket Boxes

This a timeless present that will be treasured for a long time to come. You know that wooden trinket box you never thought would see daylight? Well, it’s time to go and dig it out. Black and white photographs work better for this gift, giving the trinket box an air of vintage elegance.

This is an ideal gift for that quirky friend or family member that loves to indulge in timeless vintage classics. Don’t forget to varnish the box before you wrap it, as this will ensure that it really does stand the test of time.

Photo trinket boxes


How It’s Made

3. Photo Mason Jar Ornament

Is it that time of year again when you have to conjure up an idea for a gift for the most difficult person on the planet? Look no further! This photo Mason jar ornament is perfect for anyone. It is simple, beautiful and it is guaranteed to get a smile out of them. What more could you ask for?

Once you have secured the photograph inside the Mason jar, fill it with oil to add the extra finishing touch. Et voilà!

Photo Mason jar

How It’s Made

4. Photo Memory Quilt

Have you nearly finished making that quilt yet? Well, it would make a wonderful gift for anyone.

All you need is a couple of iron on photo transfers and you are on your way. If it is for a child, then make it extra colourful and add some trimmings to give it a sense of fun. Your child will love it now, and they will love it in years to come. They will always have a piece of your love to keep them warm at night.

Photo quilt


How It’s Made

5. Photo Candle Holders

You will always know someone who adores candles. Luckily for you, this is a simple gift that is guaranteed to brighten their birthday. All you need is an old jar, pot or glass. It’s that easy!

Try to use bold and colourful photographs, as the light from the candles will enhance the images and project the shadows. Your gift will fill their room with the warmth from their treasured memories. Let the photos light up their day!

Photo candle holders

How It’s Made

6. Decoupage Photo Letters

This is a great gift for all ages, whether it is for a kiddie’s bedroom or the grandparents’ front room, it always will bring a smile to their face. Not only is it easy to make, but you will have fun while you are doing it too.

To make it extra personal, get the first letter of their name cut out in wood. Decoupage letters are available from most arts and crafts retailers. Paint it your chosen colour and then the fun begins! Riffle through your collection of photographs of them and choose the ones that reflects their personality. Once the photographs are stuck onto the wooden letter, add a coat of varnish and it’s ready to wrap.

Decoupage photo letters

7. Photo Pendants

If you know a girl whose best friend is jewellery, these are beyond the perfect birthday gift for her, with that extra special personal touch. Photo pendants are dainty, classy and elegant, and make for a fabulous birthday gift. Change them up to a vintage timeless classic and they would be perfect for the grandmother.

The versatility of these pendants make them the ideal gift. Attach the pendants to a stunning necklace or bracelet and they are ready to go. Of course, you could go all out and make the necklace or bracelet yourself. We’ll leave that to your creative flair!

Photo pendants

How It’s Made

8. Exploding Photo Box

Are you after a gift that is literally bursting with memories? The exploding photo box is a truly special gift for the extra special loved one. It couldn’t be simpler to make and you can decorate it however you wish. You can even leave a little note at the bottom of the box telling them how much they mean to you.

Fill it with photographs and decorate it as bright, bold, colourful, fun, exciting and as quirky as you possibly can. Transform it into an exploding box filled with love, laughter and heart-warming memories. Oh, and make sure you brace yourself for a big hug once they’ve opened their gift!

Exploding photo box

How It’s Made

9. Photo Ornaments

Are you looking for a birthday gift that you can make with the children? Then look no further! Photo ornaments are great fun to make, especially for the kids. Adult supervision is a must, so why not make it a little family project?

If it is a gift for the grandparents, why not adorn the ornaments with the children’s faces? A gift from the children to their Nanny or Granddad. Not only that, but the children can entertain Nanny and Granddad with the stories of how they made them and how much fun they had.

Photo ornaments

How It’s Made

10. Wooden Photo Transfer

Do you have a little boy who loves being out in the garden? A husband who finds his calling in nature? Or a father who is constantly out and about in all weathers? A wood photo transfer is ideal for these adventurous souls.

You could even choose a photograph of them enjoying the great outdoors onto a piece of the outdoors. It is quick and easy to make, but it will stand the test of time. Best of all, it will make them smile every time they enter the great indoors.

Wooden photo block

How It’s Made

Of course, if you don’t have time for DIY but still would like a personalised product, then we have plenty of lovely photo gifts you can customise for anyone on your shopping list. Either way, we hope this helps you to find the perfect birthday present to treat that special someone, without spending a fortune!

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