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Did You Know You Can Make a Photo Book in 10 Minutes?

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If you’ve always wanted to make a photo book, or desperate to make a start on your next one but simply can’t find the time, never fear! We’re here to make it simple and straightforward to create the perfect photo book in just 10 minutes.

Our Online Photo Book Builder lets you make a photo book online using your computer or tablet. Turn a folder full of digital photos into a book full of special memories and give a gift that really makes them smile this year.

Once you’ve decided which pictures to include, it only takes 10 minutes to design and order your book, so if you’re short on time but still want to create a personalised present, look no further!

Here are a few tips to help you quickly create your CEWE PHOTOBOOK online.

Organise your photos first

Sort through your pictures before you start and it will be a lot easier to design your book. Decide which photos you want to include and save them in a folder on your computer where they’re easy to find.

Sorting through photos on computer

Automatically fill the pages

Save time by automatically filling the pages with photos instead of dragging and dropping each picture individually. Click the list icon drop down and select “Fill empty pages” to quickly populate your book with your images.

Automatically fill pages

Check the layout

Because your book has been automatically filled, we recommend you check through each page to look over the layout and ensure nothing has been cut off – especially heads! If you need to move an image, simply click on the picture and drag it to move it to a new position.

Move images within book

Customise with clip art and backgrounds

Complement your photos with clip art and backgrounds. All of these are organised by theme and occasion, making it easy to find the perfect embellishment to add to each page.

Add backgrounds and clip art to your book


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