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A Beginners’ Guide to Personalised Photo Gifts

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Is a loved one’s birthday coming up? Are you struggling for inspiration? Why not consider getting them a photo gift. Take their favourite photos and transform them in a way they’ve never seen before. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’re here to help. We’ve created a guide on photo gifts, giving you an idea of the types of gifts you can send, and help in choosing the right photos to use.

When it comes to photo gifts, there really is something for everyone.

Little Girl Playing with Personalised Jigsaw Photo Gift

Gifting for kids

Why not treat the little ones to a unique photo gift, using something they’ve created themselves? You can use your kids’ artwork to create fun little gifts for them.

Kids will love seeing their prized creations on display for everyone to see. Put their drawings onto a truly unique notebook: a practical present where they can keep all their important notes and thoughts. Try a stylish hardcover photo notebook with their masterpiece emblazoned on the cover.

Another gift idea for kids is to treat them to a cuddly toy, with a favourite photo on the toy’s t-shirt. Cute and cuddly, the little ones won’t be able to resist a photo personalised bunny teddy, photo teddy bear or personalised reindeer – perfect for kids over the age of 3.

Child friendly photo gifts can be a great way to educate them. A personalised money box will encourage them to save their pennies: they’ll love feeling it get heavier as they save. If they want to save for something in particular, such as a new computer game or add on pack, you can customise their money box, giving them a fun way to save.

Gifting to beat boredom

Games make for wonderful gifts. So, how about a personalised game? This game of Pairs will keep them busy for hours. Simply choose a selection of your favourite photos and turn them into a game that’s fun for the whole family. Themes work really well – a family theme would be a perfect gift idea for grandparents. Include a selection of family photos, with both individual and group shots.

Another homemade photo gift idea is personalised jigsaws. Who doesn’t love a jigsaw?! If they’re up for the challenge, a 1500-piece jigsaw is bound to keep them out of trouble. Treat a recently married couple to their own jigsaw depicting a scene from their big day. OK – so it isn’t something they can unwrap on the day, but it will be worth the wait. And they won’t be expecting it either – what could be better?

Personalised Phone Case Gift

Gifting ideas that are functional

Your gifts don’t just have to be novelty – they can be practical too! Do you know someone who’s moved into their first home? Here’s a great creative photo gift idea – why not brighten up their new home with a set of photo personalised place mat
and coasters? Dining will never be as fun again. They’re scratch resistant, and their matte finish makes them easy to keep clean. Scenic photos work particularly well – photos from a favourite holiday are a great choice.

Sticking with the practical theme, a personalised phone case is a popular option for gifts. Most people have smartphones these days, and it can be hard to spot yours in a crowd. That’s where phone cases come in. They’ll give your phone some personality, while keeping it protected from scratches, and what’s more you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged from bumps and knocks.

Gifting memorable moments

Want to treat a loved one to a truly memorable gift? Photo books are a great way to mark a milestone birthday – and they’re perfect for any age. Yearbooks are a perfect way to remember a baby’s first year, and grandparents will love seeing a selection of photos of the whole family, with heartfelt messages alongside. The beauty of sending a photo book is that your loved ones will be able to enjoy them for years to come. For even greater longevity, we recommend choosing a hardcover: the perfect way to protect your memories.

Holiday Photo Book

Finding the right photo

When looking for creative photo gift ideas, it’s all about choosing the right photo. Often this comes down to how well you know the recipient, and the occasion. If you’re getting a Valentine’s gift for your significant other, a cute photo of the two of you is bound to be well received. If it’s for a cheeky child, chances are they’ll love seeing a funny photo.

Photos don’t just have to be for the gifts…

You can go one step further with your gifts – present them with their own custom labels. Try using Retro Prints for a vintage feel, or create some fun Photo Stickers to add to your wrapping.

Taking your loved ones’ favourite photos and turning them into a personalised photo gift is a great way to treat them. Whether you give them something fun, practical or a little bit of both, we’re sure they won’t have ever received anything like it!

For creative photo gift ideas, browse CEWE Photoworld’s full selection today.

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