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Extra Special Photo Book? Add a Presentation Box

Photo Box Presentation Boxes
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You can turn your Large, XL or XXL photo book into an even more elegant gift simply by adding one of our presentation boxes. These smart black linen boxes are the perfect way to present your gift in style, or to protect your photo book for years to come.

When you’re after a personal, thoughtful present or a lasting memento of a special event, few things can match a beautifully boxed photo book. Here are a few occasions we think they’re perfect for.


Make a photo book as special as your big day. Designing your photo book gives you more creative freedom than ordering one from your wedding photographer, so you can really make your book your own.

Once you’ve made your wedding album, you could even order extra copies to give as gifts to your friends and family. Whether for yourself or a loved one, a wedding album displayed in a stylish black linen presentation box is the perfect way to remember that perfect day.

Wedding book on top of box

New Babies

Remember how your mum used to insist on showing your baby photos to every new love interest you invited home? Make sure you’ll have plenty of pictures of your own little one to share when they’re all grown up by making a photo book of their first year.

With a magnetic closure to keep it secure, your baby book will be nicely protected from wear and tear inside its presentation box, giving you years of enjoyment – and lots of opportunities to embarrass the kids!

Baby book on top of box


If you haven’t got round to printing your wedding photos yet, or a big anniversary is coming up and you’re after an extra special present, a photo book could make the perfect gift for your other half. Add a presentation box to give your gift that extra bit of style and you’re sure to earn lots of points for your anniversary present.

Make your photo book using our Creator Software now and add some luxury with a presentation box.


Photo Book Presentation Box

Just a click away!

There you have it – the most simple, yet luxurious, way to turn your CEWE PHOTOBOOK into a super special gift or keepsake. And all for as little as £8.99…

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Replies to “Extra Special Photo Book? Add a Presentation Box”

  • Debbie Hudson says:


    How do I go about ordering these and how much are they for the 30×30 photobook?


    • Hayley Francis says:

      Hi Debbie

      Firstly, just a note that you can only order a presentation box when you’re using our Creator Software, not online or with the app.

      When you’ve added your book to the basket, check the box labelled “XL Gift Box” to add a box to your order. For a 30x30cm XL Square book, the boxes cost £9.99, and currently you can only order them alongside your photo book, not separately.

      I hope that answers all of your questions! 🙂

  • Stephen Martin says:

    I ordered a presentation box and was blown away when it arrived, my client loved it. Well worth the money.
    Will be ordering more of these with your fab Albums.

    Stephen martin

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