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The Perfect Gift: A Personalised Cookbook

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The Perfect Gift: How to Make Your Own Recipe Book

Received a new camera for Christmas? No doubt you’re looking for creative project ideas to help you test your new kit and turn the results into something special. If you love cooking and you love photography, this blog post’s just for you! Here’s how to make your own recipe book and share your favourite dishes with the ones you love.


Begin by choosing your recipes

Before you start making your cookbook, you’ll need a theme to help you group together your recipes. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Fill a family cookbook with recipes

A family cookbook will make a unique keepsake, especially if there are a few secret recipes that you want to pass down to the next generation. From Grandma’s heartwarming stew to Dad’s perfect roast potatoes, it’s so much more than a recipe book – it’s the story of your family too. Why not add a few photos of the chefs to make it extra special?

Take your readers on a culinary world tour

If someone you know has a cuisine they particularly love, why not collect together their favourites in a cookbook? That way, the next time they fancy an Italian or Indian they can enjoy a delicious homemade dish. Combine with photography that brings to life this specific region of the world, from panoramic shots of Tuscan landscapes, to bursts of colour from a trip to Delhi.

Finding it too tough to choose just one cuisine? Why not take your reader on a world tour of great recipes from around the globe?

Bake your way to the perfect recipe book

The perfect recipe book for Bake Off fans! Why not create a baking book that’s all about the sweet stuff? Cupcakes, macarons and meringues make for some colourful and mouthwatering food photography. Simply bake, shoot, then eat.

Create a celebrity inspired cookbook

Love trying new recipes you’ve seen on TV? Compile the most delicious dishes from your favourite chefs in one handy book. Simply combine their recipes with your own photography for a personalised collection of tasty treats. Delicious!


Take photos that look good enough to eat

A brilliant book always starts with brilliant photographs. The best thing about taking photos for a cookbook is that you get to make (and eat!) each dish…It’s a hard job but someone has to do it!

To ensure your food looks at its best, make sure you use the freshest ingredients, and select props which complement each dish without detracting from it. If a recipe is a little trickier to master, get pictures of each stage of the process to make it easier to follow. For more tips for taking photos of your food, take a look at our blog post on Food Photography.

Recipe book cover

Add a how to video

Design your CEWE PHOTOBOOK using our Creator Software and you’ll be able to add video clips to your cookbook – perfect for sharing a how to video alongside a recipe. Simply upload your clip and a QR code will be generated. Place this on the relevant page, then once your book has been printed you can scan the code with a QR reader to watch your handy tips.


Choose the right paper type

If you’re making a family cookbook that’s going to get a lot of use, we recommend you choose our Glossy paper. Not only do colours look bright and vibrant on Glossy paper (ideal for showing off your dishes in style), but it’s also wipe-clean, so sticky fingers, spills and splashes won’t be a problem.

Alternatively, for a book that looks like it’s straight out of Waterstones, try our True Matte paper. This lovely matte paper will give your cookbook the look and feel of a professional recipe book, and because it’s shine free, your text instructions will be easier to read under bright kitchen lights.


Order copies for everyone

Created a personalised cookbook for yourself? Why not order a copy or two for friends and family? They’re sure to love this thoughtful gift. Our Small or Pocket Photo Books are the perfect size for a small cookbook and offer an affordable option if you want to order lots of copies.

Make your own recipe book today.

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