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Recreate a Childhood Photo for Dad this Father’s Day

Old photo recreated
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If you’re after a slightly more creative gift idea this Father’s Day, we might just have a winner! Get together with your siblings or parents and recreate one of your old family photos, complete with questionable outfits and childish posing, and you’ll have a present that’s sure to make Dad smile 🙂

Here are our top tips for recapturing that special moment from the good old days, as well as some of our favourite examples of recreated family snaps.

Hit the Charity Shops

If you’re in need of some retro clothing for your photo shoot, your local charity shops are the place to be. Pick up a fetching 70s, 80s or 90s outfit for a couple of pounds and help a good cause at the same time!

Old photo recreated

Plan Your Props

Great attention to detail is what makes these pictures successful, so try and hunt down the right props to replicate the setting as accurately as possible. For example, your own children might well have a toy or teddy you can use as a prop, or maybe the family pet is in the photo and can make an appearance again!

Old photo recreated

Find the Right Location

If you’re lucky and your parents still live in your childhood home, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the right spot to retake your photo. Alternatively, opt for a photo that’s set outside or in a nondescript location and it’ll be much easier to recreate your surroundings.

Old photo recreated

Add a Filter

For an authentically retro feel, edit your final images with a filter to give them that aged look. Instagram is the obvious choice, but you’ll find a few cool apps in this list we put together that can help you to edit your photos in style.

Old photo recreated

Print it Out

We think your recreated family photos will look particularly good in a photo book, where you can display the original alongside your newly updated version. Alternatively, if you’ve captured one winning image, print it out as a photo poster that dad will love to unwrap. However you choose to share your fantastic pictures with him, we hope he has a Father’s Day to remember! 🙂

Old photo recreated

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