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3 Reasons Why We Still Love Paper Calendars

Two calendars on table
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With digital calendars on our phones and handy apps to help us remember those important dates, you might think that the days of the paper calendar are numbered. In fact, we think digital calendars are so last year, and we’re here to remind you why you should be using a traditional paper calendar instead.

Because you can make every month personal

Our photo calendars can be customised with your choice of pictures and text, so it’s easy to make a calendar that’s truly personal. As well as filling the months with pictures of your happiest moments, you can also add your own special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. And if your calendar is pre-printed with these important dates, you’re much less likely to forget one!

Calendar being wrapped

Because families are tricky to organise

Separate calendars on different phones can make organising your gang a bit tricky: cue lots of group messages back and forth trying to coordinate diaries. A paper calendar gives you one handy place to organise the whole family’s goings on. Simply hang it in the kitchen where everyone can see it, and check it each day to keep track of who’s going where. It might sound obvious (and a little old fashioned), but it really works!

Two calendars on table

Because Mondays will always be Mondays

Somedays (Mondays) you’ll simply need cheering up, and what better way to brighten your day than with that beachside view from your holiday, or a drawing by one of your little ones? Pick the pictures that mean the most to you, then use them to fill every month with treasured memories. Then whatever the day has to throw at you, there’ll always be something on your wall or your desk to lift your spirits.

Desktop calendar

Whether you’re getting yourself ready for a more organised year, or you’re after a gift they can enjoy all year round, design a photo calendar today and see out the next 12 months in style.

Create A Photo Calendar

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