Our framed photo posters make stylish works of art for any room. Check out these great gallery wall ideas you can steal for your own home.

1. Make a pretty nursery:

2. Decorate an empty hallway:

3. Create a feature wall to enjoy over dinner:

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4. Don’t make the TV the focal point of the living room:

5. Use shelves if you can’t hang pictures on the wall:

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6. Create a cosy corner:

7. Use the whole wall, from top to bottom:

8. Choose photos on a theme – like your last holiday:

9. Keep the frames simple to let your pictures shine:

10. Create a collage of frames:

11. Make a family staircase gallery:

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Print your favourite pictures as posters and save hassle by letting us frame them for you. Simply add a frame to your order when you purchase selected poster sizes.

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