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5 Reasons to Choose True Matte Paper

Open London photo book
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When you’re printing memories that really matter, we recommend our premium True Matte paper. Here’s why.

1. The most matte paper you’ll find

Ours is the most matte photo book paper you’ll find anywhere – or the matt-est, if you will. Printing on True Matte paper eliminates virtually all reflection and glare, giving your photo book a smooth, shine-free finish. Your photos don’t need shine to shine.


2. Gives that professional finish

Black and white shots, artwork and wedding photos all look fantastic in matte. Vibrant colours, denser blacks and zero glare combine for a professional finish that can’t be matched.

3. A 5 star paper

Like a proud parent, we love True Matte paper because it’s our own, but we’re not the only ones who think it rocks. Practical Photography Magazine gave it a 5 star review and praised the “superb” print quality and “rich, vibrant colours”. Not bad, eh?

Open matte photo book with Chinese dragon image

4. Affordable luxury

For less than a tenner you could upgrade to True Matte paper. A Large Landscape Hardcover photo book on True Matte paper will cost just £8 more than the same book with Standard paper. A steal, if we do say so ourselves.

5. Better looking text

It’s not all about the photos. If you’re adding a lot of text to your photo book, shine-free True Matte paper is perfect as it makes text clearer and easier to read. Try it on your cookbook or family yearbook.

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