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5 Reasons to Make Your Next Scrapbook a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

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If you’re a crafty soul who loves an afternoon of scrapbooking, you’ll already know how nice it is to create and customise a book of your favourite photos and memories. If you’re looking for a new way to create your scrapbooks – one that doesn’t involve getting covered in glue – then a photo book could be just what you’re after.

Creating a photo book might not give you the same hands-on DIY experience as a classic scrapbook, but it does give you all the same freedom to customise every page and create something that’s uniquely yours. It also gives you the opportunity to include some fancy features you couldn’t have in a traditional scrapbook, so what are you waiting for? Give it a go today!

To help inspire you, here are a few reasons why we think you’ll love making your next scrapbook using our Creator Software.

1. Add Text…However Your Handwriting Looks!

One of the problems with adding captions or including bits of text in your scrapbook is getting your handwriting spot on. Create a photo book and you can add as much text as you like – all neatly typed in a font, colour and size of your choice. Now you never need worry about smudging the ink or mastering calligraphy again!

Top Tip: Don’t forget to double check your spelling before you order your book.

2. Customise to Your Heart’s Content

With so many backgrounds, frames and bits of clip art available to add to your book, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to customising your scrapbook. Our clip art and backgrounds are handily organised into themes and occasions, so you can quickly browse the categories to find the perfect graphics for each page.

Top Tip: Double-click on a piece of clip art to change its colour.

Clip art selection

3. Include Your Home Movies

If you like to capture those special occasions and happy holidays on film, we’ve got a way for you to enjoy these home movies again and again with ease. Simply upload your video clips to our Creator Software and a QR code will be generated. Add this code to your chosen page, then when your book arrives just give it a scan with your phone or tablet to relive that special video. Now you can’t do that with a traditional scrapbook!

Top Tip: Download a free QR code reader to your phone or tablet to enjoy your video clips.

4. Import Photos Straight from Facebook & Instagram

This is one of our favourite features, and one we think you’ll really like too. With our Creator Software, you can import your social snaps straight into your book from your Facebook or Instagram account. If you love sharing your latest adventures with your friends and followers, now you can add these pics to your photo book with just a few clicks. Turn that Facebook album into a real life album you’ll treasure forever.

Top Tip: Show off your Instagram pics in style with a grid-style page layout that works perfectly with those square snaps.

Instagram holiday book

5. Create More than One Copy

After spending a weekend creating your scrapbook, it seems a shame that you can’t share your lovely book with lots of other people. By creating your scrapbook as a photo book, you can order as many copies as you like – perfect if you’ve made a family yearbook and want a copy for everyone. You could even create a smaller version of your book as a little keepsake or mini gift. Simply open up your book again in the Creator Software to order more copies for your friends and family.

Top Tip: Save your book as you go along and complete it in your own time. It’ll be there waiting when you reopen the software.


With so many ways to customise your book and make it your own, our Creator Software makes scrapbooking simple. Get started on bringing those ideas to life by downloading our software now.

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