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A Different Kind of Wall Art: Five Ways to Style Your hexxas

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We know how much our customers love our wall art, so we’ve introduced a key new player into our range that’s sure to take the fancy of anyone looking for something a little more unique. CEWE’s latest creation, hexxas, brings the geometric trend onto your walls, keeping your interiors contemporary yet still personal to you. Our hexagonal photo tiles can be arranged to suit your tastes, and as well as showcasing your personal memories, allow you to add your own creative flair to your interiors. This stylish and modern wall art stands out in any room and brings a sense of individuality to your home. To get you started, we’ve put together five different ideas for styling your hexxas – get ready to be inspired!

For minimalists

CEWE’s latest creation, hexxas wall art

Take three pictures from your last city break and turn them into sleek black and white hexxas for the perfect way to enhance your living space. The hexagonal shape brings a modern, urban look, and is the ideal way to dress up your holiday snaps as tasteful wall art. At first glance, the combination of different black and white images appears to be an artistic wall design, but on closer inspection, you can see the distinct images that marry together to create your overall feature.

For families

CEWE’s latest creation, hexxas wall art

A family portrait with a difference! With your hexxas, you can arrange shots of your loved ones into a formation that you choose, such as a flower or sun shape. With the help of the included Y-piece, the individual hexxas can easily be arranged and fixed to the wall, and you’re free to add to and rearrange the collage whenever you like. We think this idea is perfect for a new baby gift – just position a photo of the baby in the middle and add different hexxas around it with personal details such as their date of birth, weight and height. Or, try adding a few images of siblings, grandparents and other family members alongside a picture of the newborn for an extra special family memento.

For trendsetters

CEWE’s latest creation, hexxas wall art

Rectangles and squares? Old news! We’ve seen the triangle become more popular with interior designers in recent years, but now we’re firmly into the age of the hexagon. The hexagonal trend has taken over vases, shelves and other home accessories, and now we’re bringing wall art into the game too! The big advantage of hexagonal photo tiles is that you can easily put together many different photographic styles and elements, and the consistency of the geometric shape means that they all match together seamlessly. For individualists who want to design every inch of their home, hexxas is the trendy new product you’ve been waiting for.

For lateral thinkers

CEWE’s latest creation, hexxas wall art

Whether you want your wall art to be neat and symmetrical or slightly more abstract, there really are no limits with hexxas. You’re free to mix and match them according to your own taste, allowing you to tailor them perfectly to your existing features such as a shelf or a piece of furniture. Have some fun playing around with the layout and figuring out how to position them around plants, shelves and lamps!

For those who push the boundaries

CEWE’s latest creation, hexxas wall art

Pictures don’t have to be at eye level to be eye catching, and with hexxas, you’re free to challenge the norms. Try creating a trail of pictures down the wall, snaking them around an existing shelf unit or mixing segments of different photos together to create a new work of art. Whatever you create is sure to catch the eye of any visitor to your home!

More design inspiration and information about hexxas can be found on our product page.

Are you putting together your hexxas collage? Share it with us! We love to see you bring ideas to life with our products – share your pictures with us at @cewephotoworld on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and post it under the hashtag #hexxas.

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