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True Matte wedding book on sideboard
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Our range of True Matte photo books just got bigger! Now you can order XXL Portrait and XXL Landscape CEWE photo books with our signature True Matte paper, giving you big, beautiful images with a stunning shine-free finish you’ll love.

Here are three ideas for photo books that’ll look magic in matte.

Wedding Albums

The luxurious look and feel of True Matte makes it perfect for those extra-special wedding photos. Colours look more vibrant, text looks clearer, and thanks to our new larger sizes, you’ll have plenty of space to capture every minute of your big day.

True Matte wedding book


Professional photography deserves an exceptional photo paper. Photographs and artwork alike will look even better on True Matte, with any glare and reflection virtually eliminated – leaving your images to shine without shine. Try a double page spread to really show off your work.

True Matte seascape book

Black & White

Monochrome images look even more striking on True Matte paper thanks to its denser blacks and exceptional print quality. Turn your classic black and white photos into a smart, elegant CEWE photo book and see every detail on the pages of our XXL books.

Black and white True Matte surfing book

Make one of our new bigger True Matte photo books today to see for yourself just how fantastic they look.

Make a True Matte Photo Book

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