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Tell Your 2017 Story with a Yearbook

Two yearbooks on table
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Whatever adventures the year ahead holds, it’s time to make room on your camera so you can capture every special moment. Creating a yearbook of your 2017 snaps is a great way to remember the past 12 months – and free up space on your memory card!

Remember old fashioned photo albums filled with family snaps? You might still have a cupboard or loft full of them, or maybe your parents have a collection that they bring out every now and again to reminisce. These albums would tell the story of your family, and looking back through them you could relive the happy moments, important milestones and questionable fashion choices of years gone by.

photo year book

A keepsake for the whole family

We still take these photographs, and they’re still just as special to us – yet we’re much less likely to print them out and add them to a photo album. Which is a real shame. It means that although we might upload our photos to social media, sharing them with our followers online, we only ever see our pictures on a screen.

A yearbook is about the page, rather than the screen. It’s about creating a keepsake that can be passed down through the generations; an heirloom for your family and for the future. It’s not a photo album in the old fashioned, scissors and sticking sense, but in the same tactile way it lets you capture those fleeting precious moments in something that will last.

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Never miss a moment

It’s not just our holiday photos that we leave concealed on the computer or camera though. Birthdays, anniversaries, days out with the family: all of the occasions, big and small, that make up a year remain hidden away, or only ever make it as far as Facebook. It’s time to change that.

Even if you don’t think you took many photographs in 2017, creating a yearbook is the perfect way to compile the ones you have taken – and inspire yourself to take more in future. Or maybe you don’t think your year was all that memorable, or there were a few moments you’d rather not remember. A yearbook isn’t just for those once in a lifetime red letter days, it’s also about celebrating the everyday.

Child's yearbook

A pretty sunset that made you smile, a breakfast enjoyed with the kids, a silly smile from a friend – all of these moments and more can find a home in your yearbook. And if 2017 wasn’t your favourite year, compiling your book is a good way to gain perspective. It will help you remember the happy moments (there were probably more than you think), and soothe the memory of the not-so-happy ones.

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My Photo yearbook

A photo book lets you relive that old feeling of looking through a family photo album, but in a modern format. Now there’s no need to print out each photo individually and painstakingly stick it into an album. Simply upload your images then drag and drop them onto the page, where you can play with the layout to your heart’s content.

You can be as creative as you like with the design of your yearbook, or equally a simple layout of images works well too. Plus, with our Creator Software you can add much more than just pictures to your photo book.

There’s a wide selection of clip art which can be used to customise each page, all organised by theme and occasion. There are also a variety of themed backgrounds to choose from, as well as masks and frames to complement your photographs.

Summer yearbook

One of our favourite features of our software is the option to add video clips to your book, which is perfect for a yearbook. If you’ve got 2017 memories on video as well as in photos, our software lets you include these clips so they’re not left behind on your camera or phone. Clever, eh?

Before you head out on your 2018 adventures, take time to take stock of 2017 and create a book which tells the story of your year. There’s no better way to relive the moments that made your year special. And once your book is complete, get out there and start making memories and taking photographs to make this year’s story even better.

Two yearbooks on table

Create Your Photo Book

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