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Creative Personalised Jigsaw Ideas

personalised photo jigsaw
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Christmas is just around the corner and many of us find ourselves yet again in that all-too-familiar situation – stuck for gift ideas and rapidly running out of time! Well, the good news is that we hear you, and we’ve got the ideal solution to all your Christmas woes.

Don’t be tempted to buy a boring, generic Christmas gift for someone you care about (that’s right, put the socks down!) when instead you could give a unique, meaningful and fun gift like one of our personalised jigsaw puzzles that you can really tailor to suit your recipient. With that in mind, here are a few of our favourite ideas for creating a personal and original photo jigsaw puzzle to give this Christmas.

A photo of your fur baby

Personalised Christmas Gifts Jigsaw

If there’s one thing that’s bound to bring a smile to any pet owner’s face this Christmas, it’s a gift featuring their best furry friend. Pick a photo and create a personalised pet jigsaw for them to puzzle over, giving them a precious few hours to themselves to complete the picture and a gorgeous reminder of their pet to admire at the end. We think this is the perfect gift for university students and those who live away from their fur baby, giving them a lasting memory to take with them when they go back after the festive season.

A bigger challenge

Personalised Christmas Gifts Jigsaw

If your recipient is an accomplished puzzle professional, see if they can handle the challenge of a black and white photo jigsaw. Removing the colours takes away those extra clues as to where the pieces go, leaving the puzzler with more time to appreciate the picture as they piece it together. Be sure to pick something they’ll love to look at! Upload your black and white photo to one of our 1500-piece Ravensburger jigsaws and test their puzzling abilities to the max – even the most ardent jigsaw expert will have a challenge on their hands with one of these.

For the photo enthusiast

Personalised Christmas Gifts Jigsaw

If you or a loved one enjoy taking great photos, celebrate your work and bring it to life with a photo jigsaw. This idea works especially well for less intricate photos such as pictures of the sky, landscapes, and photos that don’t contain too many colours, as this ensures that the detail of the image doesn’t get lost amongst the grooves of the puzzle.

Top tip – When you’re done piecing your masterpiece together, try mounting it on a board and hanging it up as a piece of wall art so you can appreciate it for years to come.

A fun family memento

Personalised Christmas Gifts Jigsaw

For something to do on a lazy Christmas afternoon, create a family photo jigsaw for you to piece together with your loved ones. Christmas is the perfect time for those family activities, and a jigsaw is something the whole family can take part in – why not try each taking different sections of the image and engaging in some friendly competition to see who can complete theirs first? We think this is the ideal activity for after Christmas lunch when everyone is feeling sluggish and nursing a food baby!

Reveal another Christmas surprise

Personalised Christmas Gifts Jigsaw

If you’ve already organised that one special treat for a loved one this Christmas, use a jigsaw as the perfect way to reveal the surprise to them. Present the unsuspecting recipient with the puzzle pieces (without the box, so the surprise isn’t ruined!) and wait as they slowly piece together the puzzle to reveal the main surprise. If you’re taking them on holiday, use a dreamy picture of your destination, or if you’ve got tickets to a concert, surprise them with a photo of who they’ll be going to see.

Top tip – You can use the CEWE Design Software to add text and clipart to your design. Why not include a special message for them to piece together? You could even use it as a unique way to pop the question to your partner this Christmas!

When it comes to creating your jigsaw, the only limit is your imagination. Don’t forget that it needn’t just be a camera image on the front of your jigsaw – you could try creating your own graphic design or even including a map that highlights a special location. Whatever you decide to personalise your jigsaw with, we would love to see the results! Don’t forget to share your creations through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.

Be sure to order your jigsaw by Friday 14th December (or Thursday 13th if you live in Northern Ireland or the Channel Isles) and you’ll be guaranteed to have it in time for Christmas. Happy creating!

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