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DIY Photo Mugs: Tips to Create Your Own Unique Piece

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We spoke to blogger Antonia Schmitz, who has put her creative ideas into practice by designing her very own personalised photo mugs.

Guest blog by Antonia Schmitz, craftifair.com

Photo mugs don’t always need to be printed with the typical family photo – after all, there are no limits to the design possibilities for personalised photo gifts! Of course, there’s nothing wrong with printing your beautiful photos on cups and other items, however, illustrations, handwriting or watercolour paintings are a great alternative – and are all possible to create on a CEWE photo mug. This way, you can be sure to have your very own individual and lovingly created piece that will be totally unique to you.

DIY photo mugs from CEWE – how it works:

I tested CEWE’s photo mugs out for myself. Here’s my guide to putting together your own personalised design.

For me, faces and pastel colours are something I really love, so after a look online for some inspiration and sketching some ideas out on paper, I came up with these designs. The beauty is that you really don’t have to be a great artist to do this! To digitise my designs, I photographed them with my smartphone and edited them in Photoshop. I used a pretty cool app called Adobe Capture which allows you to transform any image in to a vector or Photoshop format.

personalised photo mug ideas

You can then use Photoshop or another image editor to refine your design, and it’s important to make sure it is the correct size to be uploaded onto your mug. The exact format specifications can be found on the CEWE website for each photo product. I used Photoshop to add some abstract shapes in my favourite colours with a watercolour brush. I painted with a messy effect to achieve a more authentic handmade look.

personalised photo mug ideas

Once you’re happy with your design, all that remains is to save it as a JPEG and import it into the CEWE editor. Once it’s in there, the picture can be added to the mug and adjusted how you like. You can even view a preview of the finished product to check that you’re happy with it – easy!

Some inspiration for your photo mug

Nature photography – take your camera with you on your next forest walk or visit to a botanical garden. Atmospheric shots of plants and flowers look great on a ceramic mug!

Children’s drawings – some artists actively try to imitate the naivety of children’s paintings, but why use existing art when you can have your own mini artist’s creations instead? Next time your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews present you with some of their artwork, simply take a picture, upload it and have it printed on a mug.

Handwriting – Beautiful sayings in artistic handwriting are super trendy and look great on mugs. You can digitise your writing in the same way as my drawings. If your handwriting isn’t so nice, download a free font in a pretty handwriting style to use instead.

personalised photo mug ideas

A nice surprise

Just three days later I received my new photo mugs and I was positively surprised – firstly by the delivery time but above all, the great print quality. Things are often liable to go wrong, especially with colour printing, but not with CEWE! My mugs looked exactly how I imagined them, if not better.

personalised photo mug ideas

These certainly won’t be my last photo mugs… I’m already thinking of new ideas to test out!


P.S. The mugs also make a great Christmas or birthday present!

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