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5 DIY Ways to Display Your Holiday Snaps at Home

Holiday polaroids
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We’ve all done it. You’ve had the most amazing time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life stresses, whether it was an adventurous trip trekking the mountains of Nepal (you lucky thing!), a weekend away to the British seaside or a family-filled holiday splashing around a pool full of excitable children (and overgrown children, otherwise known as Dads!) in your favourite all inclusive destination.

You’ve now been home for six months, at least, and all of those photographs you happily snapped are just left on your phone, camera and, if you’re semi-proactive, Facebook. You vow to look at them lovingly with your travel companions but this never seems to happen (typical!), plus it’s somehow not as exciting looking at them on a screen.

So, to lend a helping hand and get your sentimental photos out where everyone can see and enjoy them, we’ve gathered our favourite DIY ways to display your holiday photos. Give them a try, invite your friends and family round for a cuppa and relive your favourite holiday memories again and again.

1. The perfect conversation starter

It’s easy to bring the memories of your holiday to life. A cute and nostalgic DIY project that would make a beautiful gift or souvenir in your home. Alternatively, you can get your photos printed onto coasters professionally, which are scratch resistant and easily wipeable.

Top Tip: Select brightly coloured photos, so the colours pop on your coffee table even more.

Photo coasters

2. Travel the world, from the comfort of your living room!

Travel back in time to the best holiday moments. Travel timelines are super easy to create and a striking piece of wall art at a very modest price, which the kids can even help you with. Depending on how daring you want to be, you can add coloured string or pegs to jazz it up!

Top tip: Write place names and dates on your Retro Prints so you can remember the finer details of your trip forever more!

Polaroid display

3. Capture your memories in a photo book

As travel blogger Wandering Wanderluster mentioned in a recent post, one of the best travel souvenirs you can make is a photo book. If you’ve taken videos on your trip too, you can now capture this all in the photo book and view through easy-to-use QR codes. It’s the perfect way to enjoy those video clips of your trip all over again.

Top Tip: Get into the habit of creating these after every trip – don’t leave it too long, otherwise you’ll become uninspired and too focussed on planning your next holiday.

Holiday photo book

4. Your travel memories in a jar

These jars stand proudly on any shelf or surface, acting as a daily reminder of good times! You can also add a sandy keepsake of your favourite beach.

Top Tips: Make each different holiday jar completely unique. Stick to one theme for maximum effect.

Travel memory jars

5. Travel inspiration every month of the year

Often calendars are just a little bit random and not personalised to you in the way you would have hoped. Why not change it up by customising your own calendar with some of your favourite holiday snaps? They are very easy to create and will keep you inspired to make new travel plans throughout the rest of the year. The only question to ask yourself now is, where’s your next trip going to be?

Top Tip: Vary the photos throughout the year with stunning landmarks, pictures of your friends and awesome views of the places you’ve visited. If this calendar’s going to be around for 365 days, you might as well make it a great one to look at!

Holiday calendar

With the Easter holidays fast-approaching, have you decided your travel plans yet? Share your photos from your fun-filled getaways with us on Twitter @cewephotoworld.

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