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Hats Off to Graduation Photo Books

behind close up of graduates all wearing graduation caps
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Celebrate the achievements of your favourite student by making a photo book they’ll love. Photo books make great gifts for graduates, and are the perfect place to keep all those memorable photos from this special day.Here are our 3 top tips for designing a graduation photo book that’s top of the class.

1. Get a good mix of photos

From formal poses with diploma in hand to action shots of caps being excitedly thrown into the air, take a good mix of photos during and after the ceremony so you have plenty of pictures to fill up your photo book.

Graduates throwing caps beneath trees

2. Add other mementos

Why not scan in or take a photo of their diploma to include on the first page of your book? You could also add mementos like your tickets to the ceremony, a copy of their academic results, or throwback photos to their early days as a student.

Close up of degree diploma

3. Include handwritten messages

If you’d like to add handwritten congratulations to your photo book, we recommend our signature True Matte paper. Its shine-free surface is perfect for putting pen to page, with no pesky ink smears to ruin your book.

Graduation messages on True Matte paper

Follow these tips and you’re sure to pass Making a Graduation Photo Book with flying colours! Get started now to see how quick and simple it can be.

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