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How to Make a Back to School Calendar

Create a back to school calendar with CEWE
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The summer holidays are over, and a new school year is here, with plenty of important events on the horizon. Get back into the swing of things by getting organised with a back to school calendar. It’s a great way to remind yourself about upcoming school events; from marking regular sports practices and school clubs, to knowing exactly when school trips or exams are. Your customised calendar for the school year is a great way to keep on top of the schedule.

We’ll get you ready and raring to go with our school calendar design ideas, to help you create all sorts of calendars, from family year planners for your kitchen wall to fun photo calendars to brighten up your child’s room.

create your back to school calender

Customise the start date

One of the great things about creating your own custom calendar is the ability to choose any start month you like: you aren’t restricted by a January to December plan. This is perfect for when you come to make your back to school calendar, as you can start in September when the new school year begins, and by running for a full 12 months you’ve got the space to mark any summer holiday plans for next year too. It might seem far away now, but the school year has a habit of flying by!

Choose the type of calendar that suits you

There are many types of back to school calendar available, so which one to choose? Think about who it’s for; if you have a very young child who’s just starting school, an appointment calendar to hang in your kitchen is a great way to make notes for yourself, to help you keep track of those reading books and sharing assemblies. For older children and teens who can take some more responsibility for their own schedules, a customised school diary planner is a fun way to help them keep organised. If you have a large family, a full-size year planner will allow you to see everyone’s most important dates and upcoming events at a glance. You can even use different colours to keep of track of multiple schedules.

ideas for making school calendars

Add in the important dates

When it comes to ideas for making school calendars, your first step should be to add in all the important dates. You’ll want to include the start and end date of each term of course, but these aren’t the only thing you can add to your calendar. If your children have regular music lessons or football practice after school, add them to your school planner and you’ll never again find yourself having to sit sat in the car outside school because you accidentally arrived an hour early. Don’t forget to add in which days your little ones have PE and Forest School, to help you remember to pack those PE kits and spare clothes. You can also add Parents’ Evening, Christmas concerts and school trips to count down the days to. For teenagers approaching their GCSEs, marking down their coursework due dates can help them manage their time more effectively.

The best school planners

Make it personal

Make their back to school calendar extra special by customising it uniquely for them. Let your school calendar design ideas be inspired by your recipient. Incorporate their favourite things into your design; create a back to school calendar with unicorns and magical clip-art for your aspiring princess, or impress your little dinosaur fan with a personalised school diary with a Giganotosaurus on the cover. For teens and older children, photographs from their summer adventures, or cute pictures of their beloved family pet will ensure they start the term with a school diary planner they’re eager to show off to their friends.

The beauty of making a fully personalised back to school calendar is that you can add as many pictures, photos or clip art as you like. Get creative and mark regular events with clip art instead of text, such as using an image of a guitar rather than typing “guitar lessons”. Or why not mark special events like carol concerts with a snowman? This not only makes your school planner look more fun, but is also a great way to involve small children who can’t read confidently yet.

Create a custom school diary planner

The best ideas for making school calendars start with CEWE

Creating a back to school calendar is a fantastic way to prepare the whole family for the upcoming year. Planning around school schedules isn’t always easy, but having all the term dates, upcoming events and regular commitments in one central place can help keep everyone organised.

Looking to make your own back to school calendar? From school diary templates to A2 wall planners, use CEWE to create your calendars today.

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