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How to Match Photos and Colour Schemes

how to match your photos to your colour schemes
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We know that in most scenarios, matching photos and wall art with wall colour combinations is dictated by the colour of your walls. Generally, it’s easier to match photos to the colour of your walls than it is to match walls to photos. And if you’re constantly updating your photos on display, it’s important that you think about which photos you display together.

Also, if you are planning on redecorating your home, why not consider painting your walls in colours that match photos and wall art you already have? Discover our tips for both matching your photos to your room’s colour schemes and vice versa.

Photo colour matching with your walls

Given the choice, you wouldn’t decorate your home with mismatched furniture, so why would you hang up photos at random? Before you display your beloved photos, think about how they match the colours in your home already.  Discover our tips for how to match colours, how to make any room in your house stand out, and how to decide which are the right photos to display.

Here’s an example – imagine you want to display a selection of your favourite family photos. Black and white photos are a very popular choice – it makes the photos look timeless and gives them a clean and classic look. The advantage of this is that the black and white prints look good with any wall colour. If you’re not happy with the colour of your walls, and can’t make the changes you’d like, displaying a selection of black and white pictures will draw attention away from the walls and onto your photos.

Colour continuity

When you choose house colour combinations, try to make sure there’s a common theme in the colours in your chosen photos. If possible, choose photos that have one colour the same throughout. You don’t have to have the same shade of colour throughout, as it may start to lose excitement. Instead, go for photos with different shades of the same colour.

Size of photos

Deciding which photos to hang? We recommend you choose a range of different sized photos, including both portrait and landscape. And with this, mix and match different sized photos and furniture. If your photos are too small, there’s a risk that they will get lost behind your furniture – even if your wall colour suits it perfectly.

Contrasting and complimentary colours

Complementary colours sit next to each other on the colour wheel, while contrasting colours are opposite to each other. Pair photos with contrasting wall colours to create a modern, striking effect or choose complementary tones for a relaxing, harmonised appearance. Use the chart below to see which colours contrast or complement each other.


  • Contrasting two colours: find out which two colours contrast with each other by selecting colours on opposite sides.
  • Complementary colours: choose between two and five colours that are adjacent to each other. This helps to give your room a sense of calm.


Match colours with our photo colour chart


When combining colours, as a rule white and black work well with all colours. White goes especially well with blues and reds, black compliments orange, pink and green. White and black also complement each other.

Wall colour combinations to suit your photos

If you want to redecorate your home, and you’re trying to choose what colour to paint your walls, have you thought about choosing a colour that complements your photos? Let’s say you want to paint your dining room. You have a selection of photos from a favourite holiday you’d love to hang, all with the beautiful blue-green colour of the sea.

Take this opportunity to try out different complementary colours – shades of a red-orange work particularly well. The colour contrast from the walls will highlight the sharp blues from the sea – and make the walls stand out as well.

House colour matching with your favourite photos isn’t always easy. Take the time to decide which photos should be grouped together, and see which dominant photo colour complement the walls in your house.

Match photos to your walls, but if you’re thinking of decorating, find the right wall colour combination to suit your photos. In the market for some new photos to display around your house? Create your own wall art with CEWE Photoworld today.

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