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Interior Design Trends With A Personal Touch

Interior Design Trends
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We love a good interior design trend, but revelling in the current fashions needn’t mean your home should look like a carbon copy of everyone else’s. We’ve taken a look at some of our absolute favourite home trends that are popular right now, and cooked up some fun and creative ways you can add that personal touch to your living space that marks it as uniquely yours, without disrupting the gorgeous aesthetic you love.

Interior Design Trend: Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Interior Design Trend Greenery

One of the biggest design trends right now is plants, plants and more plants! And for good reason; greenery has long been associated with improved feelings of mental wellbeing, and have even been found to increase the air quality in your home. It’s an uplifting trend that’s all about good feelings, and bringing the joy of outdoors indoors.

The exotic-looking Monstera Deliciosa (otherwise known as the “Swiss Cheese Plant”) is currently enjoying a moment in the sun, and the many varieties of cacti and succulent (perfect for forgetful waterers and for the less green of thumb) are flourishing too. Make the most of your sunniest spots with a well-placed palm, or add cute little planters to your shelves and tables. Plants such as English Ivy and String Of Pearls, with their cascading greenery can be used with gorgeous effect, and opt for a hanging planter if you’re low on surface space.

And it’s not just limited to the plants themselves either; leafy prints have been popping up everywhere from sofa cushions, to duvet covers, to wall art.

We’ve got creative and designed some of our Fine Art Matte Prints to fit in with a serene green home décor theme. Combining some favourite outdoor snaps from sunny days out, with green accent colours and cool leaf-inspired prints. It’s a personal touch, that keeps your theme cohesive. Clip around your space with bulldog clips for a look that’s simple yet effective.

Interior Design Trend: Feeling Blue

Home Decor Trend Blue

Blue is that timeless colour that seems to endure changing trends and never seems to fall completely out of favour. It’s fresh, it’s relaxed, it’s blue skies and deep seas, and maybe that’s why our little island loves bringing the blue into our homes so much.

Currently, our old favourite hue is bringing a dose of cool into the interior design world with inky blue walls, smoky blue-grey home accessories, and relaxed denim blue fabrics. Ease into the trend by combining different shades through mixed patterns, geometric shapes and gentle curves. Avoid your room feeling cold by complimenting your blues with warm contrasting shades; orange, cognac and homely browns all set off the cool blues beautifully. We love adding rustic touches, like unfinished wood and wicker baskets, to accentuate the easy-going vibe.

To make the trend your own, get cosy with a personalised photo cushion, featuring a beachy holiday snap combined with your own text and a complimentary sea-blue and sandy-orange colour scheme. Alternatively, for wall art that reflects the relaxed feel, we’ve used a selection of personalised photo prints with fun borders using blue dots and triangles. Here we’ve attached them to clip-boards, to create a casual look that’s easy to change up and update as the mood takes you.

Interior Design Trend: Get Into Shapes

Home Decor Trend Shapes

Geometry as an unexpected home decor trend first caught everyone’s attention back in 2016, and it’s not going anywhere. Circles, squares, and geometric shapes are still the look to angle for; you’ll see these patterns going from cushions and rugs, and making their way into tiles, wallpaper and art. It’s bold, it’s modern and it fits into just about any style of home.

This style is particularly well complemented by one of the big colour trends right now, combining neutral grey with strong, vivid colours. We’ve gone with some slate greys, contrasting with bright, sunny yellows. It’s an upbeat palette sure to give you sunshine on the cloudiest day! Try experimenting with different shades and irregular shapes, to add interest and prevent your décor looking too uniform.

We’ve got creative with some of the fun templates and frames found in the CEWE Design Software to mirror the neat circles and squares that define the trend. It’s a fun way to add your own spin on the craze, and they’re easy to make too. Avoid fussy frames to keep this look playful and relaxed, and instead opt for simple fixtures like clips and pins.

Interior Design Trend: Cocoon Your Room

Interior Design Trends: Cocooning

“Cocooning” is a term first coined by top trend-spotting guru Faith Popcorn, and it’s all about having a desire to create a perfect, cosy environment, safe from the frustrations and worries of the world outside. It’s a feeling that resonates with most of us in some way, and we love the concept of transforming your home into a cosy escape.

We’ve used a warm palette of pinks, raspberries and peach to create our cuddly, feel-good atmosphere. Metallic accents are still popular, and this colour scheme looks absolutely fabulous with pops of gold; perfect for a lift and ensuring your space doesn’t feel too dark. This is a great trend for getting a little playful, such as with our gold-painted toy dinosaurs for an updated twist on a childhood favourite. It’s comforting, it’s cosy, and it’s definitely bang on-trend.

Why keep your CEWE PHOTOBOOK hidden away on a shelf, when even the cover is a personalised work of art? Design with lovely warm pink and plum shades, and add our gorgeous Gold Highlights (embossing) too. It’ll look stunning on display, on coffee tables or free standing, ready to be picked up and pored over. There’s no better way to get comfy than cuddling up with a good book and reminiscing over some favourite memories.

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