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Turn the Kids’ Creations into Keepsakes

Jigsaw featuring kid's illustration
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Is the front of your fridge overflowing with drawings from a mini artist? Do you have an attic filled with a young Picasso’s pictures? Help your little creative genius show off their best work by turning their masterpieces into keepsakes they can hold on to forever.

Simply find the pieces they’re most proud of, use your scanner or camera to create digital versions of their artwork, then help them choose a product to showcase their artistic flair. They’ll be pleased as punch when they see their handiwork brought to life.

How to create digital versions of their artwork

There are two simple ways to get your little one’s creations onto your computer, phone or tablet. If you have a scanner, you can easily scan their drawings, paintings and sketches to your computer, where you can then save them as image files.

Alternatively, if you don’t have access to a scanner, just use your camera or phone to take a photo of their artwork. You can always crop out any unwanted background or make other adjustments to the image once it’s on your computer or other device.

We recommend saving your images as a JPEG or PNG, and making them larger rather than smaller to ensure the quality is high enough for printing on a product.

Selection of doodles

Ideas to inspire your young artist

Whether they’ve been busy drawing in the classroom or scribbling away at home, there are lots of ways to create something special from your young artist’s doodles. Or they could even draw a new illustration to turn into a real life work of art. See if any of these ideas catch their eye.

A colourful mug (or a home for art supplies)

Show off a bright bit of artwork with one of our coloured inside mugs. Not only do these mugs make for more colourful hot drinks, but they’re also perfect for storing supplies so your artist always has a pencil or crayon to hand.

Inspire them to keep up the good work by designing a mug using one of their best drawings, then fill the mug with pens and pencils to encourage them to make more of their lovely art.

Mug featuring kid's illustration

Create A Personalised Mug

A personalised puzzle to play with

Turn a fun doodle into a jigsaw. The more variety of colour and detail in the drawing the better – try to avoid using a drawing with big blocks of the same colour.

Our jigsaw puzzles come in 500, 1000 or 1500 pieces, so they’re better suited for older children who are keen for a challenge. You could use one of their doodles from when they were small to create a jigsaw they can enjoy now they’re older. Alternatively, create one as a gift for the puzzle-loving grandparents.

Jigsaw featuring kid's illustration

Create A Ravensburger Photo Puzzle

Picture perfect postcards

Your youngsters don’t have to be visiting somewhere exotic to send a postcard. Why not get them to draw their favourite place, then create postcards they can send to friends and family? Postcards designed by your artist would also make great alternative invitations for a birthday party.

Our postcards come in sets of 10, so they can keep one for their own portfolio too – a handy size and printed on lovely glossy card to really bring out the colours of their artwork. You can also create and order postcards using our app, which is perfect if you’ve got photos of their artwork stored up on your phone, or you’re on holiday and want to turn their sunny, beachy doodles into fun postcards.

Postcard featuring kid's illustration

Design A Custom Postcard

A framed masterpiece

What better way to make your mini Michelangelo feel like the best artist around than framing one of their drawings? Choose a bright and colourful doodle, add one of our stylish frames (there are 18 different frame designs to choose from), and include a caption of the artist’s name and age. Over time you can build up an impressive gallery of their work – perfect for decorating a playroom or their bedroom.

Framed poster featuring kid's illustration

Order A Framed Print

Don’t let those lovely doodles and drawings stay hidden away. Turn them into keepsakes that you and your child can always treasure.

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