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Letterbox Gifts – How to Make Their Day From Far Away

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When we can’t see someone in person, it’s hard to make sure that they’re in good spirits. If you’ve found yourself missing your favourite people, a letterbox gift is the perfect way to reach out to them and make sure they’re okay. A surprise parcel in the post will remind them that you are always there, even if that isn’t right here, right now.  

We want to help you make their day with a small, yet thoughtful, gesture that is personal to them.

From collating your adventures together in a post-box perfect photo book to choosing a photo to place on their very own mug, if you have the memories, we have the photo product to put a smile on their face.


One of the greatest benefits of a photo book is that it gathers all of your favourite memories and allows you to hold them in the palm of your hand. Whether you choose to print your photos from a infamous holiday you shared or decide to take a trip down memory lane, a CEWE PHOTOBOOK allows you to share happy moments in their moment of need.

square photo book with holiday photos

Plus, a Pocket Photo Book is the perfect size to slip through their postbox – whether you send it to their home address or pop it in yourself. If you fancy creating something a bit bigger, our Large Landscape CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the perfect size to document your story.

Top Tip – You can reminisce with memories captured on video too by adding a QR code to your CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

2. A Personalised Phone Case

If the person you have in mind always has their phone in their hand, a Personalised Phone Case is the ideal letterbox gift. Aside from putting a smile on their face, they are also practical, personal and protective, so your small gift will go a long way.

Our range of personalised phone cases are available for both iPhone and Samsung models and are also very easy to create. The only question is, what photo will you choose?

Personalised photo phone cases with family and holiday images

3. Their Very Own Photo Mug

A cup of tea or coffee is a very popular way to catch up with our loved ones, but when we are unable to share some time chatting over a slice of cake, how else can we catch up? Send them their very own Photo Mug then have a good natter over the phone!

If there is a photo that you know they just love, print it onto one of our high quality photo mugs to make them feel as though you’re right there with them. From their favourite selfie of the two of you, to group shots and special occasions, you’re able to add any photograph that brings back a happy moment in time.

Top Tip – Using a picture of their beloved pet is also a very thoughtful way to send a smile through the post and it will quickly become their favourite mug!

Custom photo mug featuring a family pet dog.

4. A Personalised Jigsaw

Not only is a Personalised Jigsaw a great gift to receive in the post, it is also thoughtful and fun to complete. Whether you decide to choose a family photo, a photo of their pet or a comical one to make them laugh, a personalised jigsaw is a fantastic option for a letterbox gift.

Jigsaws can either be completed with others or as an individual, so regardless of their situation, it is bound to provide hours of entertainment.

Photo collage personalised jigsaw puzzle

5. An Envelope Full of Prints

We recently conduced research as part of our Pause for a Moment campaign which revealed that 56% of us feel happy when looking at photos and 31% find looking at photos relaxing. With that being said, it’s safe to say that our memories mean a lot to us.

However, only 6% of us print our photographs which suggests we have forgotten how wonderful it is to hold a physical copy of our favourite memories.

All you need to do to make their day is collate a few of your favourite photos and pop the photo prints into an envelope. We have a wide selection for you to choose from including Retro Photo Prints and photo-booth replicas, Mini Prints. For a fun take on your photos, you can also turn them into Photo Stickers!

Top Tip – For an extra personal touch, write a little note to let them know you are thinking about them. Never underestimate the power of a kind gesture!

woman looking at family photo prints

6. Personalised Playing Cards

Card games have kept us entertained for centuries, but how often have you seen a personalised pack of Playing Cards?

To turn the standard pack into a personalised letterbox gift, all you need to do is add their favourite photo to the back and you’ve provided hours of card-playing fun. Their set will include 52 custom playing cards (plus 3 jokers) and are presented in a sturdy transparent plastic case.

Personalised playcards with image of pet dog

7. The Gift of Creativity

If the person you have in mind is on the harder side of gift buying (or you’re just not sure what they’d like!) a gift voucher received in the post is a wonderful, and unexpected, way to lift their spirits.

A CEWE Gift Voucher will also encourage your loved one to set some time aside to get creative and gives them a chance to focus on a fun photo project. This is especially thoughtful if they have recently tied the knot or enjoyed a once in a lifetime holiday!

holding a gift card to CEWE, voucher for photo gifts

Once you’ve purchased their CEWE Voucher, you can either print it and send it in the post or forward them the email. Either way, they’ll receive an excuse to set aside some time to create something special.

From Us, to You, To Them

If you’ve put your creative hat on and sent a letterbox gift to someone close to you, share your ideas with us on our social media channels on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. You never know, you may inspire someone to spread the joy a little further!

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