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Meet the CEWE PHOTOBOOK Makers: Trevor Hood

Trevor Hood photo book 5
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Keen traveller and photography enthusiast Trevor Hood has been a CEWE Photoworld customer for many years now, and has made an impressive 10 books so far. We caught up with him to find out more about how he turns his favourite travel snaps into fantastic photo books.

“I find photography is a very personal thing and the question I ask people who take photographs is “What gives you the greatest pleasure – taking the photograph or viewing the result?” As you can guess the answers varied, now with me it’s taking the pictures and planning the book.”

Trevor Hood photo book

Where did you first hear about CEWE Photoworld?

I was first introduced to the CEWE PHOTOBOOK by a friend who belonged to a Digital Camera Club. I had my own darkroom for nearly thirty years and having converted to digital photography I wanted a medium that would give me the same satisfaction I had when working in the darkroom. After looking at my friends photo book I knew that there was a possibility that it could fulfil my need.

What inspired you to make your first book?

The first book was somewhat of an experiment and I used as a theme photographs I had taken over the previous five years. There was no real structure or thought given to the book as it was an exercise in understanding the programme and evaluating the CEWE product and service.

Trevor Hood photo book 2

How did you feel when your book arrived? Do you still get that same feeling when you open your newest books?

I was pleased when I received my first book, but also critical with myself as I felt I had not done the product justice and there was more to it that just placing pictures on pages. Now I look forward to receiving the book once I have sent it to print as the books I tend to make now can take up to forty hours for me to complete to my satisfaction.

“I have them lying around and friends just pick them up and browse through them, without me saying the fatal words “would you like to look at my holiday pictures?””

What are your favourite kind of books to make?

I like to produce holiday/travel books, it’s a nice way to show your holiday photographs. We all remember the days of the dreaded slide show of someone’s holiday pictures and now with computers you tend not to look at them or show them off.

This is where the photo book works. I have them lying around and friends just pick them up and browse through them, without me saying the fatal words “would you like to look at my holiday pictures?”

Trevor Hood photo book 3

Do you ever make books as gifts?

Yes, my son moved to New Zealand in 1996 and it was only in 2012 when going to visit him I thought he has no family history or photographs in New Zealand to show his children.

I made a book using old family photographs first scanning them into the computer and then drag and dropping them into the photo book software. He now has a book showing his great great grand parents and with the text aspect a precis of the family history.

“Who really looks at photos stored on a computer?”

Why do you make photo books? What encourages you to keep your photos in a book rather than just printing them or storing them on your computer?

Who wants to store loads of prints? I recently moved home and ended up dumping over 6,000 prints and slides as I had nowhere to store them, though I did copy quite a few to digital so the images were not lost.

Who really looks at photos stored on a computer? I put an SD card of photographs into the reader built into our television and review the pictures in this way, it’s much easier than on the computer and allows me to design the book’s contents in comfort.

Do you plan your photo book before you make it – for example do you take specific photographs with your book in mind?

Simple answer yes, it makes you think about the photographs you take to achieve what you are planning in your mind.

Trevor Hood photo book 4

Are there any tips you’d give to people who wanted to make their own book?

Play around with the programme as you can always undo what you have done. Some of my favorite page layouts are made from scanning a menu or such like and laying this down for a background to the photographs.

Have you ever recommended making a photo book to a friend or family member? How have they found making their own books?

I have and I have shown two friends how easy it is to use the programme, literally a five minute demonstration and they are up and running. They found making the books easy and are very pleased with the results.

Trevor Hood photo book 6

Do you have any more books planned?

I am about to start my largest book having spent a year taking the photographs during our travels to South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and California.

Do you have a favourite size book and paper type?

I have used the large landscape and 30cm x 30cm XL square books. The latter is my favorite because as an old 120 roll film user I like square photographs. I have used most of the paper finishes and prefer the heavy weight Glossy Photographic paper, as the quality of the printing on this is superb.

Trevor Hood photo book 5

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