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Time to Organise Your Photos

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Now’s the perfect time to sort through those summer snapshots and get your photos organised, so here are a few quick hints and tips to help you put your pictures in order!

Decide what to keep and delete

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have ended the summer with a phone and camera packed full of pictures – some of which are better than others! In fact, you may well wonder why you took ten photos of the same landmark. Sort through your snaps and decide which ones you want to keep and which to delete.

Taking photo of sunset

Create separate folders for each event

Once you’ve decided which photos to hold onto, create folders on your computer for each event or occasion. Alternatively, create a folder for each month to organise your photo memories in readiness for making your 2016 yearbook. Having separate folders for different events will make it much simpler to find your photos when you come to make a photo book.

Looking through old photos

Scan in old snaps

It’s not just this year’s photos that you can organise. Sort through those boxes of prints and scan in your old family photos. Not only will this help keep those old memories safe, but it’ll also let you use your beloved family snaps in a photo book. If you have a little more time, you could even sort through your photo albums and scan in each photo to turn your old-style album into a modern photo book.

Back everything up

Once you’ve got everything organised, it’s a good time to back up your photos so they’re stored safely and securely. Use a tool like Dropbox or Google Photos to store your pictures, or save copies on an external hard drive just in case you have any pesky computer problems.

Prints on a table

Start designing your photo book

With your photos all organised into one handy place, you’re all set to create your CEWE PHOTOBOOK! So instead of letting those summer snaps stay hidden away on your phone, camera or computer, turn them into something special like one of our lovely photo books.

Create a Photo Book

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