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Design Tips for Your Paris Photo Book

Eiffel Tower
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A trip to Paris is always special, whether in the sunshine of summer or the crisp chill of autumn. If you’ve visited the city of love this year, you’re sure to have returned home with lots of lovely photographs from your travels – from the magnificence of the Eiffel Tower, to the unique charm of the cafes.

Relive the moments you spent in your favourite city by telling the story of your Paris trip in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Here are our suggestions for how to bring your Parisian adventure to life on the page.

Find a Stylish Font


Your choice of font can make a big difference to the look of your photo book. Something simple and elegant will give your book that stylish French feel. Try to use a maximum of two fonts within your photo book to keep each page consistent.

If you can’t find the right font within the Creator Software, a quick Google search for free fonts will offer plenty of alternatives. This is particularly useful if you want something a bit different for your book, and once you’ve downloaded and installed the font to your computer, it should appear in the font list within the software too.


Change the Colour of Clip Art

Our Creator Software comes with hundreds of pieces of clip art already installed, as well as lots more for you to download free from within the software. To access these, simply select a category then click More to see the full range of graphics.

All clip art is organised into themes and occasions, so you’ll easily find the right thing to add to the page. Every bit of clip art can be customised too, allowing you to change the colour to match the theme of your book. Simply double-click on a piece of clip art to choose a new colour.


Make Photos Stand Out in Black & White


Edit your photographs within the Creator Software by double-clicking on an image to open the editing window. Here you can adjust brightness and contrast, or add a variety of colour and style effects.

Under Colour Effects, select Greyscale to make your photo more striking in black and white. To really show off those monochrome photos, try True Matte paper. Its smooth, shine-free finish is perfect for black and white photography.


Embellish Your Photos with Masks & Frames

Paris photo book

Help your images to stand out on the page by adding a mask or frame. There are plenty to choose from – try different styles to find the perfect one for each photograph. As with clip art, make sure you download the whole range by clicking the More button.


Bonne chance with making your Paris photo book!

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Replies to “Design Tips for Your Paris Photo Book”

  • Vanessa Brady says:

    Thanks very much for the tips!! I love photobook making……..I’m currently going back over the last 10 years or so of my holidays and making stunning photobooks! Just about to do Paris on our First Anniversary in November 2009………..It was a very pretty crisp Autumn………Thanks for the inspiration, I’m going to crack right on with it……
    I’m finding it’s almost more fun now they have long since past! It brings the memories back……..and much easier to view them time and time again. I’m hoping to have a stunning collection just like The Groves, featured recently!!! 🙂

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