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Photo Book Inspiration: California Road Trip

sunset beach
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When Kate from the CEWE UK Digital team took a road trip across California, she knew she wanted to document her trip of a lifetime with a special CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Read on as we follow Kate through the entire process of creating her photobook, from making the memories to reliving them on paper.

The Trip

Photo Book Inspiration: driving in the USA

We set off on our adventure across California, flying into LAX and then making our way up the Pacific Coast Highway with a few pit-stops on the way. Starting with a few days in Los Angeles, we were also lucky enough to explore Santa Clarita, Calabasas, Malibu, Santa Barbara and Pismo Beach before we moved away from the California coast and up to Yosemite National Park. We spent a few days in the area before heading on down to Las Vegas via Death Valley. Along the way, we stayed with friends, had unique experiences and saw all kinds of interesting things, so this was definitely a trip for us to keep a record of!

Since working at CEWE I’ve become a certified photobook lover, taking all kinds of opportunities to create one, but something about this trip felt pretty special. Both my friend Emily and I were really keen to keep a good record of the trip to look back on in years to come, and with the unrivalled quality of the CEWE PHOTOBOOK, I knew our memories would be in really safe hands.

Designing the Book

Photo Book Inspiration: California Photo book

As the trip was a bit of a girly holiday with my best friend, I wanted the book to be reflective of us, our personalities and the feel of the trip. Naturally, I went for a pink theme!

4 travel photos in photobook

I decided to keep the same fonts throughout the book to maintain consistency and create a cohesive feel. The places we visited were very different, but I wanted all the photos to feel part of the same thing, which is why I thought one consistent theme would produce a better visual effect. I used different fonts for titles and body text just to vary it slightly, but I tried to pick typefaces that were complementary to each other so the style didn’t clash. You can read more tips on how to do that here.

Pictures of Yosemite National Park in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

I mixed up my layouts on each page to keep it looking interesting. Usually, I use the drop-down menu in the Page Layouts section of the CEWE Design Software and pick one for the number of photos I’d like on that page. Sometimes I’ll resize the image placeholders to fit my photos better, e.g. for a panorama I’ll lengthen the image placeholder to show off more of the horizon.

Collage layout in CEWE PHOTOBOOK

For me, adding text is something that takes any photo book to the next level! It allows you to not only get that visual memory of your experience but also to add in those little anecdotes that may otherwise be forgotten. I chose to write a little summary of my time in each location at the beginning of the section – I wanted to make sure we remembered all we could of our adventure!


The highlight of the book has to be the video snippets that are included throughout. Everyone who’s seen it in action is amazed! Scanning a little QR code brings up a video on your device that takes you right back to that moment, and it really adds a flavour of what the experience was like for people who weren’t there at the time. My parents loved seeing our videos of the little moments we captured, such as meeting a family by the sea at Pismo Beach.

Creating Additional Copies

What was important for me was being able to easily scale the book down so that we could post some copies over to our friends who hosted us in the States. Fortunately, it’s really easy to do so in the CEWE Design Software and I was able to turn my XL Square book into a Square book with a softcover, saving me a bit of money on postage to the US.

Photo Book Inspiration: Photo book and prints

As a little added touch, I also created some prints to post to Emily when we arrived home. These were really quick and easy, but the reaction I got made this small gesture seem like a much bigger one. Emily and I both love to display prints around our homes, so this just felt like the right thing to do to supplement the photo book!

If you’ve created a CEWE PHOTOBOOK from a trip you’ve been on, we’d love to see it! Share your book to the CEWE Community for a £10 voucher or post a photo of your creation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We can’t wait to see what adventures you’ve been on!


Make the Memories Last a Lifetime

Returning from an incredible trip can give you the post-holiday blues, but a CEWE PHOTOBOOK is always the perfect remedy! Gather those snaps, create your design and we’ll take care of the rest.

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