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Spread the Word: How to Add Text to a Photo Book

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How to create a photobook with text – step by step

They might be called photo books, but they can contain much more than just photos. You may know that you can add text to your photo book, but did you know you can add as much text as you like, absolutely anywhere in your book? In fact, if you wanted to fill entire pages with writing, you could.

You can design every single element of your photo book, and that includes choosing which text to add and how much to include. So when you want to create a book that tells a story, or you have more to say than a picture alone can express, it’s time to set your inner writer free.

You can choose exactly how your text looks and where it sits on the page. Just imagine yourself as the author of your book as well as the photographer and designer!

Choose a font

Different fonts can give your book a very different look and feel. Our Creator Software comes with a wide and varied range of fonts installed, but because we know that sometimes there’s that one typeface you really love, you can use any font from your computer when designing your book too.

If you download a new font to your computer, simply close and reopen the software and you’ll see it appear in the list of fonts.

Pick a colour

Colour selector in Creator SoftwareImagine every colour of the rainbow and a few more besides – that’s how many different colours your text can be! Choose from one of the basic preset colours, or use the colour picker to select the perfect shade.

Alternatively, you can pick a screen colour using the dropper tool, which will let you exactly match your text to another element on the page, for example the colour of the sky in one of your photographs, or the colour of a frame you’ve used on an image.

Select a size

Text bar in Creator SoftwareSet the size of your text by using the size drop down, or type in a font size manually. You can also use the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease the size with just a click. One handy feature is that different words within one text box can be different sizes, perfect if you want to create a heading or make an individual word bigger for emphasis.

Move your text box

Text can be placed anywhere on the page. Overlay text on images, add small captions to your photos, or fill an entire page with words: the choice is yours. Not happy? Simply drag and drop the text box to another position. With our design software, it really couldn’t be easier to create a personalised photo book with text.

Ways to use text in your photo book

Perhaps you keep a blog and want to turn your online musings into a book, or maybe you’ve been on the trip of a lifetime and want to create a travel journal of your photos and experiences. Whatever your idea, with our Creator Software it’s simple to add text to your photo book and bring your story to life in both words and pictures.

Design your own travel guide

If you want to make more than just a simple holiday photo book, why not turn it into your very own guide book? You’re an expert on the places you love, so you can combine photos from your trip with your own personal recommendations of things to see, do and (most importantly) eat!

Then when you look back at your holiday, you’ll remember so much more of the detail that made your trip special, and if any friends or family want to visit the same place, your book will prove a handy guide.

Firenze guide book

Create a book from your blog

Whatever you’ve been blogging about, you can easily copy and paste the text from your blog posts into the pages of a photo book. For example, if you’re a mummy blogger who’s been keeping track of all your little one’s adventures online, why not turn these stories into a book you can keep forever? It will make a perfect keepsake of their early childhood.

Mummy blogger journal

Print your wedding journal

From popping the question to saying I do, capture every step of your wedding journey in a beautiful journal. It can be easy to forget all the little special moments that occur in the run up to the big day, like picking the perfect dress or finding the flowers you love. Creating a wedding photo book of your journey will help you treasure this once in a lifetime experience forever.

Wedding photo book with text

Feeling inspired? Have your own story to tell? Click the link below to get started on creating your own photo book with text.

Create Your Photo Book

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Replies to “Spread the Word: How to Add Text to a Photo Book”

  • William Douglas says:

    It would be good if text could be in two columns – with words flowing from the left text box to the right text box
    It would be better if a photo placed in a text box allowed the text to flow around it.

    That would make converting a blog to a photobook so much easier – and more enjoyable – which it is not right now.

  • Alexia says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. You can also easily create amazing quote pictures and even photobooks by using PixTeller editor

  • Maggie says:

    Can text be copy and pasted or typed to flow automatically to the next page

  • Michael Newman says:

    Many of my photos have a title or caption embedded in the jpeg file in the EXIF data. I want to be able to include such pictures in a photo book with the captions underneath. Is that possible without having to type in all the captions as manual text boxes?
    With thousands if family photos and potentially dozens of photo books to produce this would be a bit of a deal-breaker!

  • Jennifer Halsey says:

    I was so excited to find your website; then I saw you were in the U.K. I am in the U.S.
    Can I still use your services?

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