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Photography Tips for Your Next City Break

The Arc De Triomphe being photographed with phone
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Whatever the season, a city break in Europe is always a delight. If you’ve not taken a big summer holiday, weekends away are a great way to make the most of your annual leave, whilst also indulging your passion for photography.

Budget flights help to make Europe the perfect photographer’s playground, and whether you’re going somewhere new or revisiting an old haunt, you’re sure to find lots of fantastic things to capture on camera.

With that in mind, take a look at our top travel photography tips for your next city break.

Plan Ahead with Google

With only a few days to enjoy your destination, planning ahead will help you to squeeze as much as possible into your short break. Plan your route around the city with Google Maps, and scope out the most scenic spots with Google’s Street View tool.

Having a good idea before you go of the landmarks you’d like to visit (and photograph) will help you tick more of them off your list.


Travel Light & Watch Your Baggage Allowance

Instead of paying extra to check in a bag (and having the hassle of queuing at the baggage carousel when you land), stick with hand luggage for your trip. But be careful to weigh your bag before you go to avoid any unexpected fees.

It’ll take some clever packing to ensure you fit everything you need, as well as your camera, into your suitcase. If you need to take less, why not consider just taking your compact camera, or leaving a lens or two behind?

Lightweight equipment is best, especially as you’ll spend most of your time pounding the city streets in pursuit of that perfect photo!


Avoid the Obvious

It can be easy to take cliched photos on your city break, especially in the most popular tourist spots. Find a unique vantage point to make your picture stand out, or visit outside of peak hours (the early morning golden hour is a good choice) to get a different perspective.


Don’t Let the Weather Put You Off

Good weather can never be guaranteed, and on a city break you won’t have time to waste waiting for the rain to stop. Different weather conditions will help you take more interesting photos too – after all, a city doesn’t have to be bathed in sunshine to look beautiful!


…Or the Crowds Either

It’s inevitable that the things you want to photograph will be the things everyone else is queuing up for with their cameras, but crowds don’t have to ruin your photos. Instead, use the crowd as part of your composition.

A crowd of tourists can add interest or scale to your photo, so don’t worry if you can’t get any alone time.


Get Lost

Although it pays off to plan ahead the shots you might like to take, save some time for aimless wandering too. A few hours spent getting lost in the city streets will give you a plethora of photo opportunities and help you to experience the real character of a place.


Wherever you’re jetting off to, good luck capturing the beauty of the city on camera this autumn.

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