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Why You’re Missing Out if You Don’t Print Your Photos

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Two reviews we received on Trustpilot recently got us thinking about just how important it is to print your photographs.

Two Trustpilot reviews

We spend so long taking pictures, filling our phones and cameras with snapshots of our lives, yet often these remain hidden away on our devices, or only get as far as Facebook. We take more photos than ever, sharing them instantly with our friends via WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram, yet before long these pictures are forgotten, or simply deleted.

Here’s why you should be printing your snaps instead of stashing them on your computer or phone.

It gives you something to hold on to

Remember how lovely it is to look through physical photographs, to turn your memories into something tangible you can hold in your hands? Remember browsing embarrassing baby pictures with the kids when they brought their new love interest home, or sitting around with the family reminiscing about old holidays (and dad’s retro hairstyles/questionable swim shorts)?

These moments are what we’ve lost, and what printing your photos can help you to get back.

It brings us closer together

Digital photography has made it easier than ever to capture every moment of our lives on camera, yet we’re simply not doing enough with the pictures we take. Photographs bring us closer together, make us smile, help us to remember those we miss, and quite simply tell the stories of our lives. They deserve more than being stashed away on our phones, cameras and computers, never seeing the light of day.

Sharing a photograph with a friend or loved one is one of the best ways to connect – whether that’s through remembering a special moment you enjoyed together, learning more about each other’s lives, or feeling envious of their amazing holiday. Don’t just show your friend your phone when you’ve got a photo to share, or tag them on Facebook: print that special picture out so you can enjoy it properly.

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It reminds us of the good times

Your camera roll may be full to bursting, but what’s the use of all those lovely snaps if you don’t do anything with them? We think it’s time we all embraced the good old fashioned trend of printing our photos. Whether as prints, in a photo book or even just on the side of a mug, our photos should be shared, showcased and shown off.

Surround yourself with photos of your happiest moments, and even the rainiest day will become a little brighter.

So next time you head off on holiday, enjoy an epic night out, celebrate a special birthday or simply have a day to remember, do more with the photos you take by turning them into something you can always treasure.

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