Make this Year’s Holiday Pics Your Best Yet!

Blonde girl taking photo on a beach
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We all love to bore our friends with our holiday snaps when we get home, but if you insist on making them sit through hundreds of photos of your travels, make sure they’re good ones. Follow our top tips for travel photography and your pictures will be well worth showing off!

Keep your camera with you

Don’t keep your camera in your suitcase, carry it in your hand luggage for safe keeping. This means you’ll always have it to hand for every photo opportunity.

Stay fully charged

Don’t forget your charger, and an adaptor if you’re travelling overseas. Charge up your camera and phone before you head out on location and you’ll never miss a moment.

Baby girl playing in sea

Back everything up

Photographs are easily lost, and they’re also irreplaceable. Keep everything backed up to your laptop, or use something like Dropbox to keep your snapshots safe.

Do your research

Plan in advance to ensure you make the most of every minute. If you’re visiting a popular landmark, check opening times and ticket prices so you don’t get caught out.

…but still be spontaneous

Some of the best photo opportunities appear when you least expect, so be sure to keep your camera or phone close by for those unexpected unmissable moments.

Empty beach with large rocks

Set your alarm clock

Get up early and beat the rush, especially if you’re photographing busy landmarks. Natural light is also best an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset, meaning your photos will not only be tourist-free, but they’ll also look much nicer.

Get off the beaten track

Speaking of tourists, the best way to avoid them entirely is to head where they won’t. Get off the beaten track to experience the more authentic side of a city or country.

Little girl building sandcastle

Find a different perspective

Look at things from different angles. Go up high to find a new vantage point, or get down low to see things from a child’s perspective. You could even try your hand at underwater photography, either in the pool or at the beach.

Focus on the details

Intricate tiles, pretty shells, colourful walls – all of these shots will make fantastic backgrounds for a photo book, so make sure you capture these little details on camera.

Quiet beach at dusk

Forget flash indoors

Let natural light illuminate your indoor shots to avoid the harsh, flat light of flash photography.

…but use it outdoors

Using flash outdoors on a bright day can make the contrast more even and remove harsh shadows. Try it to see what a difference it can make to your sunny shots.

Children playing on the sand

Go filter free

Instagram is fantastic for sharing snaps whilst you’re on your holidays, but sunny days are also the perfect excuse to go filter free. Let the natural beauty of your surroundings shine, no filter necessary!

Capture moments, not poses

Instead of forcing the family to pose for awkward photos, take candid shots of them enjoying their holiday. You can always delete anything that doesn’t work, so snap away!

Two boys jumping off a boat

And know when to put your camera down

You’re on holiday, remember! So put that camera down and get yourself a cocktail. You’ve earned it after all that snapping.

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  • Reinhard says:

    Another tip: take MANY photos of the same subject. With different lighting, different perspectives etc. Then choose the best one and delete the rest. DON’T torture your friends by making them look at all of your shots! 😉

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