Everyone is so snap happy these days, taking pictures and sharing them on social media, but does this work at a wedding? If you’re getting married this summer, you might like to consider having an “unplugged” wedding; asking your guests to turn off their phones, stop taking photos, and simply enjoy your special day.

Here’s why you should leave your wedding photography to the professionals.

Your Photographer Will Get the Best Shots

After finding and hiring the perfect wedding photographer, you should leave it in their capable hands to capture your big day on camera. Guests trying to take photos can get in the way of your photographer, whilst the flashes from numerous cameras could ruin a potentially lovely shot.

Bride and groom

No Social Media Spoilers

An eager wedding guest takes a photo of the bride and uploads it to Facebook…where the groom spots it before the ceremony! Avoid any potential spoilers (and maintain your privacy) by encouraging your guests to disconnect from Facebook and Instagram and stay away from sharing any pictures.

Wedding sign

Everyone Will Have More Fun

It’s so much easier to have a great time if you aren’t worrying about taking pictures, so remind your guests that your photographer can take care of the snapshots, and all they need to do is have fun!

Bride and guests

You’ll Feel More Relaxed

Being the centre of attention on your wedding day can be a little unnerving, but even more so with hundreds of cameras and phones trained on your every move. Worry less about how your photos will turn out and focus on enjoying every moment of your big day.

Bride and groom with bouquet