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Which Photos Make You Smile?

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If you’ve been tuned in to our social channels over the past month or so, you’ll have probably spotted our My Happy Photo competition that saw people up and down the country sharing their meaningful images in a bid to spread some joy throughout these challenging times.

After the research we conducted revealed that looking back on old photos brings feelings of positive mental wellbeing, we set you the challenge of picking a photo that makes you happy and posting it to your Instagram story to share a smile with the world. We enlisted the help of some of our favourite Instagrammers to spread the word – we loved seeing what they had to share, and we think you will too!

The Lovely Drawer – A Moment Between Siblings

Teri from The Lovely Drawer kicked things off with this gorgeous photo of her two little ones sharing a special moment. Taking about her photo, Teri said “This was the day after Maggie first met Lars, when all she wanted to do was kiss and cuddle him” … and with an adorable face like his, we can’t blame her!

As it turns out, Teri isn’t alone in looking back at precious photos of her children. Our recent research showed that 55% of us love looking back on photos of our friends and family the most, and with a bit of extra time on our hands, we think now is the perfect time to do just that.  

It’s Lucy – Wedding Day Memories

Your wedding is certainly a day to remember, and what better way to reflect on your big occasion than by taking a look through photos of your special day? Influencer It’s Lucy chose a photo of herself and her father on her wedding day as her happy photo, and we can just feel the love and pride!

There’s nothing quite like a photo to transport you back to life’s important moments, and we love that Lucy chose one with huge meaning. With studies showing that photos trigger those primary positive emotions that we experienced in the moment they were taken, looking back can be a great way to reflect alongside those we’ve shared happy times with, encouraging positive conversations and helping strengthen our memories of the occasion.

Rebecca Lamb – A Holiday to Remember

Rebecca’s happy photo is not only giving us some serious wanderlust but is also helping us reminisce on special holiday memories with loved ones, like this sunny family photo. With research showing that 38% of us prefer to look back on holiday snaps to any other photo, it’s safe to say Rebecca isn’t the only one who loves to relive her travels!

At a time when things are particularly uncertain, pausing for a moment to remember the adventures we’ve been on can be hugely powerful. With summer approaching and the promise of a holiday feeling distant, why not look back at some trips you’ve already been on? Hint hint – travel memories always look best in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK!

travel photobook

Sara Quaglia – Reminiscing on Days Gone By

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t completely in love with this beautiful photo from Sara Quaglia of her with her two children flipping through their CEWE PHOTOBOOK! Sara created her book by filling it with memories dating back to the moment she became a mum five years ago. Having documented both of her children’s early years, she and ‘the Duo’ love taking the time to look back through their photo book and remember times gone by.

Only 41% of us look back at our photos more than once or twice a year, but with proven benefits to our mental and emotional wellbeing, we’re on a mission to get the nation reflecting on happy times and creating something beautiful with their photos. Read more about our Pause For a Moment campaign and see how you can get involved in the action here.

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No matter if it’s a wedding album, a collection of your holiday snaps or a thoughtful gift for a friend, your images will always look their best in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

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