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Why Should You Choose a Professional Wedding Photographer?

wedding photographer showing bride
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Anyone who has been involved in planning a wedding will be familiar with the challenge of making your hard-earned budget stretch as far as possible, so it’s no wonder many couples look for their own DIY cost-cutting measures. Whilst this can help you produce a lovely personalised touch to your decorations or favours, when it comes to your wedding photos, we don’t think this is an area to be scrimped on. We’ve enlisted the help of professional photographers Chris Giles, Sam Kay, Tom Langford and Tara Winter to explain why your wedding photography truly is an investment that’s worth your while.

Photography Expertise

Professional wedding photographers really do know their stuff! Chris believes in three key factors that set a professional apart from an Uncle Bob – experience, ability and equipment. Anyone can take photos on a good DSLR camera, but it takes someone with real expertise to be able to enhance the image they’re shooting as it’s happening in order to capture it in its very best light. Experienced wedding photographers can work under extreme pressure while still managing wedding guests in a friendly way, and also they know just what to do to get you some incredible pictures, come rain, shine or anything in between! When dealing with changeable factors such as lighting, weather and a crowd of real-life human subjects, a professional wedding photographer can call on their expertise to create a perfect shot from any less than ideal circumstances. Even better, this means you’re free to go about your day without giving a second thought to those clouds in the sky!

“Your professional wedding photographer will know how to adapt and bring light into a room or take photos at night. They are also aware of etiquette throughout the day and especially during  the ceremony, when to stand back and stop taking photos.”

Tara Winter

This expertise also rings true when it comes to handling the wedding day. Sam adds “The more weddings you shoot, the more you get to know how a wedding day unfolds, how long you have for portraits and group shots, how to work alongside other suppliers etc and it’s so important to get this right. If you have booked a friend to save you money but they’ve not shot a wedding before, this could be completely overwhelming for them and in turn become a really stressful situation, not only for them but for the couple and also cause conflict with any wedding coordinators.”

Photography Style

While researching, you’ll find that many photographers have developed their own distinctive style– perhaps they like to play with light or experiment with exposure to create effects. They might also have a unique traditional, contemporary or reportage style (here’s a handy guide to these three wedding photography approaches if you’re not sure!). Do your research well and you can compare different photographers’ styles to find something that fits what you’re looking for. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect and you’re sure to get a result you’ll be pleased with!

Top tip – Be sure to look through their portfolio and make a note of what you like. Communicate well and you’ll achieve the results you’re after.

“A professional photographer does this for a living, they’ve built their business around something that they love, and they will put their heart and soul into your wedding photographs to produce a perfect finished product.”

Samantha Kay

Your family and friends are all free to enjoy the occasion!

Taking photos at a wedding is an important task, since it’s a record of the day that can be looked at and remembered forever, and this can be quite a tall order to ask of one of your wedding guests. If your stand-in photographer is someone close to either one of you, the likelihood is they’ll want to enjoy and be a part of your day too. Tom believes the added reassurance of having a professional there to take care of your images is key, as it’s incredibly easy for your trusted guest to get distracted chatting and enjoying themselves and end up missing a big moment, or they might get too drunk to correctly capture the first dance!

“Generally, you can buy the equipment, but you have to learn the rest through experience. Being able to work under extreme pressure whilst being a people person is essential as a wedding photographer.”

Chris Giles

While a professional wedding photographer will still get to know you both beforehand and be in amongst all the action, they’re able to do so with the sole intention of getting the best possible photos of your day. Put your photos first and enlist the help of someone skilled at portraying your wedding through the eyes of a guest, leaving your guests free for the important stuff, spending time with you.

The power of looking back at your memories

With wonderful wedding photos, you’ll be wistfully looking back at your special memories long after the big day. A photo book full of great quality, professionally-taken photos is something that will live on forever – although memories can fade, a wedding album will always be there for you to reminisce over, which is why it’s so important to get the right wedding photos. Your special day deserves to be preserved in stunning detail, really capturing the essence of your day so you can relive it time and time again. After all, nobody wants to look back on a book full of blurry photos taken from Aunty Cathy’s Facebook!

couple on wedding day
Photo: Pudding and Plum Photography

“I understand weddings are expensive and so are good photographers. But at the end of the day, what are you left with at the end of it all except memories and photos? Memories fade and blur with time, but good photos keep those memories alive forever.”

Tom Langford

Revisit your big day time and time again in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK

wedding photobook

After you’ve enjoyed your special day and got all the photos to remember the occasion by, the next important step is to preserve them on paper for a lasting reminder of your wedding. Trusted and loved by professionals and couples alike, the CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the ideal choice for your wedding album. Thanks to our longstanding print expertise and continual innovation, we’ve perfected the printing process to ensure your treasured photos will come out true to how they were taken. What’s more, our sustainably-sourced paper and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee mean you’ll always receive the perfect end result. Plus, each CEWE PHOTOBOOK produced is climate neutral, meaning that not only will your wedding album be a treat for you, it’ll be good for the planet, too.

autumn wedding photo

Chris Giles – Chris Giles Photography

Chris is a full-time wedding photographer located in West Sussex. He covers the whole of the UK and any international destinations, and prides himself on his honest, moment-driven wedding photos and his hands-off approach.

couple on wedding day

Sam Kay – Samantha Kay Photography

Sam is a wedding and elopement photographer based in the North West of England. She loves to shoot the day exactly how it happens, capturing all those special little moments, the big confetti explosions, the little glances you don’t think anyone has noticed and everything in-between.

couple wedding day sunset

Tom Langford – Weddings by Tom

‘Photographing weddings is something that makes me happy, which is why I made it my job’. Tom has been taking photos for over 10 years now, and likes to approach his work in a non-traditional way, factoring in every last detail to produce a natural, honest and fun account of the day.

Why Should You Choose a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Tara Winter – Pudding and Plum Photography

Tara is the face behind Pudding & Plum Photography, based in Leicestershire. Her wedding photography is romantic, bright and modern and her approach is relaxed and personable. Tara especially loves to witness those special moments and interactions between her couples and their guests.

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