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Creative inspiration: An interview with blogger The Lovely Drawer

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Meet Teri, the face behind one of our favourite DIY, lifestyle and interior blogs, The Lovely Drawer! We’ve long been fans of Teri’s work, having discovered her through Instagram and fallen in love with her signature muted colour scheme, delicate designs and beautiful photographs.

At a time where we’ve all got chance to get a little creative, learn a new skill or take a moment to reflect, we wanted to help you do just that by introducing you to Teri and her world full of beautiful things! Read on and get a glimpse into her life as a mum, designer, illustrator and content creator, as well as a few inside tips to get your own creative juices flowing and make your own personalised photo product.

An Introduction…

My name is Teri and I live with my husband and two children in a West London flat. I am a DIY, Interiors and Lifestyle blogger and content creator as well as designing art prints and stationery and teaching lettering workshops. I work from my home studio in a bit of a manic juggle around the kids and usually thanks to a Granny and Grandma day to help.

I trained in Art & Design from college and through university, where I specialised in Surface Pattern and Printed Textiles. I’ve drawn for as long as I could remember, so I loved that the course encouraged so much illustration.

Having nearly gone into print design for kidswear, I ended up working as a designer and illustrator for a greetings card company for five years. I started my blog on the side, which ended up generating lots of freelance projects and then I ended up going full time as The Lovely Drawer!

CEWE PHOTOBOOK inspiration: an illustrated tale

We worked with Teri during the festive season when she created a CEWE PHOTOBOOK as a Christmas gift for her daughter, Maggie. Teri made full use of her artistic talents and decided to fully illustrate her own storybook featuring Maggie and a friendly lion she met at the zoo.

“I’m so happy with the high-quality print and page feel. Having a background in print means I’m a total colour critic and yet these colours are spot on!”

After producing the illustrations for each page, Teri used our free Creator Software to put together her photo book. Above is the finished result, and we think you’ll agree it looks pretty spectacular.

Teri’s top tips for photo book design

Inspired to create your own? Us too! First things first, Teri recommends getting your pictures and ideas organised.

“When creating a photo book I would decide a theme, like the travels you’ve been on as a couple, or your baby’s first year. Then I would sort all the photos into an order within files on your computer.”

Hint – If you need a hand sorting your photos or digging back through your camera roll to that holiday several years ago, our handy CEWE MyPhotos app can help make the process a whole lot easier! Find out more here.

Instagram: The Lovely Drawer

“When it comes to how to lay it out, I would keep it simple with one photo per page but mixing up how that photo is laid out on each. I prefer to let each photo speak for itself rather than adding anything else aside from perhaps a little bit of type about a memory or date.”

It’s easy to mix, match and change your page layouts in the CEWE Creator Software. With a huge range of pre-designed layouts and the complete creative freedom to design your own, you can customise every inch of your page to create a photo book that’s truly personal to you.

Transform your interiors

We’re strong believers in the power of filling your home with personalised décor to make you smile – plus, recent research suggests it also has a positive effect on the brain. Personalised Wall Art is a key feature of Teri’s home, and we love how she has added her unique style to her interiors through a few key pieces.

“I love to display my own work in my home because it’s a cheap and easy way to get exactly what I’m after and I love wall art as it makes a home feel like it has personality and life.”

Instagram: The Lovely Drawer

Teri loves to display her work in a photo frame (hint, our Framed Prints are perfect for this!) and we love how she combines multiple prints to create a mini gallery of artwork. If you feel like doing the same, read our guide to creating the perfect gallery wall – we think it’s the perfect way to make use of your free time and produce a wonderful end result to cheer your home up!

If you love the look of Teri’s work, you can explore her online shop here.

How to hone your drawing technique

Art can be a useful outlet, giving you time to relax and reflect while working towards your own creative project. If you’re tempted to test those skills out and put pen to paper, here’s some useful guidance from Teri on how to get started.

“I would say, start drawing from life before you think about stylising. Learn to draw what you actually see, and you will see how you grasp shape, form, light and shadow. Every now and again I go back to basics and draw from real life and it definitely helps sharpen my eye. When you’re more comfortable with that, you’ll start to see your own style emerge which will change and adapt as time goes on.”

Instagram: The Lovely Drawer

Teri also offers workshops on brush lettering and digitising your hand lettering – stay tuned here for more information on her future classes.

Pause for a moment

Did you know that 56% of us feel happy and 31% feel relaxed when looking back at old photos? That’s right, our photos have been shown to produce positive psychological effects by enhancing our mood and unlocking those special feelings of nostalgia. We conducted some research to find out more about the nation’s photo viewing habits and, unsurprisingly, over half of us love to keep our photos on our devices to look back at regularly. Teri is no different!

“I love looking back on my own photos, mainly the ones of the kids because I’m a soppy Mum that can’t believe how small they once were. I love nostalgia. I get totally sucked in and loved looking at photo albums of my childhood, in fact, lots of my art projects at uni were based around childhood memories.

Instagram: The Lovely Drawer

“Since having kids I’ve been more committed to getting my pictures into photo books which make it easy for me and relatives to look back on. Aside from that I share my photos on Instagram. I love being able to scroll back through and see the dates I posted them.”

We’re encouraging everyone to take some time to look back at their happy moments and memories captured on camera. Find out more about our project to get the nation smiling by reflecting on their photos and see how you can get involved here.

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