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What a year! One of great events and even greater emotion. Prince Charles marries Camilla Parker-Bowles, and Joseph Ratzinger appears on the balcony at the Vatican as Pope Benedict XVI. Meanwhile, preparations are in full swing for the World Cup, and Angela Merkel becomes the first female Chancellor of Germany.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that all of these things happened, yet in fact it was 2005 – exactly 10 years ago.

What were you doing 10 years ago? Enjoying your wedding? Celebrating the birth of your first grandchild? Experiencing the holiday of a lifetime? Whatever it was, with a CEWE PHOTOBOOK on the shelf, it’s easy to keep these happy moments close by.

3 photo books

How it began

2005 was also special for us, as it marked the creation of the very first CEWE PHOTOBOOK. We’re proud to be celebrating our 10th birthday, and wanted to take the opportunity to look back at our journey so far.

There are now more than 35 million photo books filled with your happy memories and special moments – a real success story if we do say so ourselves.

The idea of a CEWE PHOTOBOOK first came about in Autumn 2004. The difficult economic climate meant that the photo industry was struggling, with the digital camera revolution also affecting print sales. By investing in digital printing early on, we could continue to produce the highest quality images on paper, but what if we could print all of your photos in one place?

Photo books are simple in concept, but proved to be a little more tricky to create. Every photo book needed to be individual, but each one also needed to be of equally high quality. Production began with just seven people in a small hall, where every part of each photo book (apart from the printing) was handmade. Once we’d perfected the production process, we were ready to launch our new brand.

Stacks of photo books

Early innovation

Before we could do that, though, we had to name our book. After many hours of deliberation and discussion, our marketing team settled on CEWE PHOTOBOOK. It’s this simple name that our customers would come to associate with the very best photo books.

Our photo books began with just four formats to choose from, a maximum of 98 pages and a linen look cover. By steadily improving paper quality whilst also introducing larger formats and new cover types such as faux leather or premium linen, we helped our customers to create a premium quality photo book, made their own way.

The biggest innovation of the first decade came with the switch from Hardcover clamp binding to glue binding. Now customers could use images across the whole cover of their book, and add text to the spine to give it a professional finish. Just one of the ways we improved CEWE PHOTOBOOKS and turned them into the fantastic product you know and love.

Open photo book

CEWE Photoworld grows

The introduction of our CEWE Photoworld software made it even easier to create a photo book. With a range of layouts, clip art, frames and backgrounds to choose from, our software remains the simplest, most straightforward way to design CEWE photo products.

Since 2011, maps integration has allowed customers to include locations in their photo books, perfect for travel books or holiday albums. The option to embed video was introduced the following year, allowing home movies to be viewed on your smartphone or tablet after scanning a QR code within your book.

The latest version of our software offers a wealth of design possibilities, allowing every customer to become a professional book designer. And because it’s available as a mobile app, you can make your photo book on the go too.

CEWE lab

Looking forward to the future

There are plenty of empty pages yet to be filled in the CEWE PHOTOBOOK story. We’ll continue to improve the quality of our product to ensure it remains exactly what our customers are looking for.

We’re excited for what the next 10 years might hold as we help people to preserve their precious moments in photo books they love. 10 years on, the CEWE PHOTOBOOK remains the best place for sharing the story of your special memories.

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Replies to “10 Years of CEWE PHOTOBOOKS”

  • jeanhorrocks says:

    I have used your company before XXL hardcover book & some square cards. I am happy with the results. I think I would like the cards to have better quality card feels a bit lack lustre if I am to be picky & sort of am!
    Thank you

  • Louise Thomas says:

    Dear Cewe.
    I have had the pleasure of using your services. Having purchased 3 photo books as gifts. I have been delighted and impressed not only with your service, but also the outstanding quality.
    Thank you.

  • Neil tuckwell says:

    Congratulations and well done on the first Ten Years.

  • Jennie Adams says:

    Came across this product just in time for out round the world trip in 2013, to watch the British Lions play (& beat Australia). Fantastic memories are now in 2 volumes of 98 page photobooks which we are proud to show to family & friends. Have since given vouchers to family for their special occasions & they have been delighted with the results. Going to make another soon, after my brother’s wedding this Friday to give as a gift afterwards. Keep up the good work – a fantastic product that a complete amateur like me can use with ease & confidence !

  • Peter Stott says:

    Well done Cewe. You have made a significant contribution to developing quality in photo books..

  • Sylvie says:

    I have designed dozens of your books for all sorts of occasions, for myself and others. I am fortunate to travel to beautiful and exotic places every few weeks and I design each souvenir book in my mind whilst abroad, framing each shot carefully. I have inspired many people to follow in my footsteps as a result as I am a strong believer that if one photo speaks a thousand words then a whole book conveys the whole experience like nothing else. I can’t imagine my life without Crewe by now. Designing my travel books takes me back on the trip all over again and it’s my favourite way of relaxing when I am back home. I invest a great deal of time making them as picture-perfect as I can as they will become my memory one day… And they will be fun to look back on when I no longer have the energy to be as adventurous as I am now. So, thanks a million for all your hard work. You have given me hundreds of hours of pleasure over the years. Here’s to my next 50 books and beyond 🙂

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