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Celebrating the 50 Millionth CEWE PHOTOBOOK

50 millionth CEWE PHOTOBOOK
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50 millionth CEWE PHOTOBOOK

What started out as a new product innovation in 2005 has become one of the most popular photo products to date: the CEWE PHOTOBOOK. At the end of September the 50 millionth photo book was produced. In Paris, CEWE and French trading partner Fnac officially handed over the 50 millionth CEWE PHOTOBOOK to the lucky customer, D. Maclere who was congratulated by internationally renowned photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

For our customers, their personal and emotional memories are the most important part of our photo products. This is also the case with D. Maclere, the customer of our 50 millionth CEWE PHOTOBOOK: “I am sure that I will still be browsing through my photo book in 20 years. It would surprise me if my friends do the same with their hard drives. Paper is much more sentimental.” He made his latest photo book of his stay in Tanzania: “When I returned from travelling, I had only one wish: to throw myself into my photos. I love to take pictures of my travels, and I enjoy sorting through them and retouching them if necessary.”

Patrick Berkhouwer, Member of the Board for Foreign Affairs and Expansion, emphasised the significance of the CEWE PHOTOBOOK for the company at the anniversary event “The CEWE PHOTOBOOK quickly became the flagship product of the CEWE brand. A brand that we are constantly investing in across Europe.” The CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the world’s best-selling photo book and has been steadily developing. We have added new paper types and integrated video and developed highlights for the covers. We invited Yann Arthus-Bertrand guest of honour, who as a photographer and environmentalist unites the joy of photography with ecological commitment.

European Success

The presentation of the 50 millionth CEWE PHOTOBOOK in France shows that our company, with its headquarters in Oldenburg is not only active throughout Germany, but has developed into Europe’s leading photo service. With around 3,500 employees, CEWE is now present in 24 European countries. The intensive co-operation with the respective trading partners plays an important role here. For example, there is a long-term partnership between CEWE and Fnac in France. Laurence Courtinat-Vernon, Managing Director of CEWE France, spoke at the event of “a successful wedding of two beautiful brands that complement each other perfectly.”

D. Maclere came into contact with CEWE for the first time seven years ago. 15 photo books from CEWE later he is loyal to the CEWE PHOTOBOOK: “I was impressed with the quality of the products.” Here’s what D. Maclere had to say about the CEWE PHOTOBOOK:

Do you remember your first CEWE PHOTOBOOK?

Yes – I had enjoyed a full weekend with friends. Beautiful memories that I have shared with people who have a special place in my heart. A photo book allows me to remember more of them.

Which type of paper do you prefer?

I started with photo paper, then I fell in love with the high-gloss variant. Perfect to improve the quality and presentation of my photos. When I make bigger journeys, the photo book size also grows. For my Tanzanian trip (the 50-million CEWE PHOTOBOOK), I chose the XXL CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Travelling over the weekend and other events I mostly design as a photo book in the Large size.

Speaking of design – is there a particular order for you?

On my return from travelling, I have only one wish: to throw myself into my photos. I love to take pictures of my travels, and I appreciate sorting through them and retouching them if necessary. Sorting takes about a week – every evening I make a little time for it. During the trip to Tanzania, for example, I took 3,800 photos. And then I start the design!

With the creator software I can design my CEWE PHOTOBOOK as I imagine it. My photos determine the layout. Often I use frames or certain fonts, because both emphasise the images. The software is really easy to use and improves from year to year.

What is your relationship with photography?

Many of my pictures are of my travels, from time to time during small trips. And I also photograph portraits. Two years ago I decided to make my photos in the best quality and I bought a mirror reflex camera. I like to photograph animals, especially with my macro lens and to observe nature – that touches me a lot.

My favourite photos so far are the Tanzanian photo book. A journey that kept me busy and moving. It is breath taking to see all the animals wandering freely in the wild without human soul in sight.

And why do these experiences have to be tangible and on paper?

This is often the subject of conversation between me and my friends. We also talk about CEWE often. They look at all their photos on the screen and that’s so bad! I am sure that I will still look through my photo book in 20 years. It would surprise me if my friends do the same with their hard drives. Keeping something on paper is much more sentimental and provides a more stable backup of your own photos than is possible with the PC.

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