The CEWE Photography Competition ‘Our World Is Beautiful’

Scenic shot of landscape with hills and clouds.
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Infinite possibilities for photographs all over the world

Whether you prefer to focus on the little details or marvel at the bigger picture, we want to see your take on the beautiful, fascinating world we live in. The competition runs until 31st March 2015 and is aimed at anyone and everyone who enjoys taking photographs! Photos can be submitted in six different categories – Sport, people, landscapes, architecture, transport and infrastructure and nature.

fox Sunset

hot air balloon

An experienced jury made up of experts from CEWE, journalists and photographers will choose a winner from each of the six categories, and the overall 1st prize winner will be selected from these six final winners.

There are over 1,000 prizes up for grabs worth a whopping total of €80,000

prize 1 - 6prize 7 - 20prize 21 - 1000

The first place winner will receive the CEWE Photo Award, an exclusive photography journey from artistravel worth €5,000, plus photography equipment of their own choosing up to the value of €1,500!

2nd to 6th place winners each win a photography journey worth  €1,500 and photography equipment up to the value of €1,500.

There’s also samsung tech goodies and CEWE vouchers up for grabs for winners between 7th and 1000th place, plus a chance to win each month during the competition. Three photographs will be selected every month, and the winners will each receive a €50 voucher to spend on CEWE photo products.

This competition has now ended.


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