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CEWE Pure: Our Award Winning Photo Book App

CEWE Award winning photo book app
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Here at CEWE, we’re passionate about photography and helping people bring their best images to life, but we don’t underestimate the power of the humble smartphone either. Your phone is the convenient camera you have in your pocket at all times, and while you might grab for your fancy DSLR with expensive lenses when you’re in the mood to improve your photography and take your best images, the photos on your smartphone can offer a unique perspective into your life. Scroll through your camera roll and you’re sure to find the things that are most important to you; your family, your friends, or maybe a beloved pet. We believe these images deserve to be celebrated too, that’s why we developed our photo book app, CEWE Pure. Created specifically for your smartphone pictures, it’s the easy way to create a photo book from your phone. All it takes is a few taps and swipes!

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Our Photo Book App Wins an EISA Award

We’re proud to announce that CEWE Pure has been voted Best Photo Service Product 2018-2019 by EISA (the European Imaging and Sound Association). 

An easy-to-use photo book service for smartphone users

European Imaging and Sound Association

EISA are the largest collaboration in the world of consumer electronics, with experts from 29 countries all across the globe. For over 35 years they’ve been celebrating the very best in sound and imagery products, awarding their prestigious commendation to the big household names such as Kodak, Sony and Panasonic. So we’re really excited to hear that they see something special in our photo book app.

Why EISA loves CEWE Pure:

Free App for both Android and iOS
Easy to Create
Premium Matte Paper
Personalisation with Text

Our Latest App Updates

We may be basking in the warm glow of recognition, but rest assured, we’re not putting our feet up just yet! Our development team have been working tirelessly to bring you a shiny new update, to make CEWE Pure even better than ever. Because winning one prestigious award just isn’t enough! We have a selection of new features and design options to explore.

Our updates include:

  • We’ve sped up production time, so you will receive your finished photo book faster than ever. 
  • Seven new Pure styles
  • Now available in black or white backgrounds
  • Add captions to your photographs

Our new styles are a brilliant way to further personalise your photo book. They’ve been designed to give you more choice as to how you’d like to present your photos. So whether you’d like to show off all those portrait and landscape photos, keep them all in neat Instagram-style squares, or fill the whole page with your image, our photo book app has a style to suit you!

Make a photo book from your phone

What do you do with your phone photos? For many of us, it’s a short-lived flash of attention on social media before being left to collect virtual dust on the camera roll. So why not put them to better use? 

A CEWE Pure book can be made in minutes with just a few taps and swipes. It’s simple to use, and you can create online or offline at your leisure. You could brighten up a dull train journey by making a travel book with all your favourite pictures from your latest holiday. Why not create a cute and colourful photo book full of every day you spent with your kids over the summer, or make a mini photo book full of your favourite pictures of your dog?

They make fabulously thoughtful gifts, too. If you have an anniversary coming up, why not surprise your favourite person with a romantic selection of photographs from the past year? This CEWE Pure book was created by a happy customer, who recently came back from a honeymoon in Venice. “I made the Pure book in my phone and had it delivered to my husband’s office as a surprise. He loved it!” 

Whether you’re looking for a simple but heartfelt gift, or a quick creative project to enjoy yourself, our photo book app is available to download for both iOS and Android.

We really enjoy seeing the photo books our customers make, and we love it when you share the results with us. If you choose to make a photo book from your phone too, why not tell us about it on social media? You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Show us what you make!

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