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Discover Mad Mum of 7’s Family Photo Book

Mothers Day Photo book
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We’ve recently had the pleasure of working with the fantastic, Afra Willmore tasking her with creating her own CEWE PHOTOBOOK. You may know Afra from the family-focused mummy blog, “Mad Mum of 7”. If you’re familiar with her blog, you’ll know that Afra is a fun-loving parent with a passion for sharing her family’s memories (both the highs and the lows) with others – and we just love following all her top tips for how she deals with family life and running such a large family.

Mad Mum of 7 photo book

A bit about Mad Mum of 7…

Afra has been happily married for over 20 years. Over this time she has created a large close-knit family through having seven gorgeous children (five sons and two daughters) who span across the ages of 21 to 7 years. Afra’s blog is all about loving life as she calls it “living it large”, whilst sticking as much as she can to a budget. As a mum of seven, Afra is always super busy, but when it comes to the school holidays, things get a whole lot busier!

The CEWE Photoworld challenge…

We challenged the Mad Mum of 7 to use the February half term to take some amazing pictures and then create her very own CEWE PHOTOBOOK. Suffering from flu, she managed to power through (luckily creating the photo book is a very easy process), and the outcome was a photo book filled with priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

They might not have been landmark occasions like a wedding or an anniversary, but often the more ordinary moments you spend with your family are the best memories of them all. Like Afra says, “The idea of making collections of everyday life really appealed – after all most of life is made up of ordinary moments”.

The result…

Mad Mum of 7 gif

A fantastic photo book that made Afra smile and beam with happiness and pride! Although the photos were of ordinary family life, the kids will soon grow up, so this photo book will become even more special as the years go on. Now Afra definitely doesn’t have to worry about her photos getting lost on her iPhone or in the cloud! The only thing she does have to worry about now is who will keep the photo book. Afra said, “my mum dropped hints that she would like the book but on this occasion I think I might have to keep it for myself.” We think Afra might win this one!

We absolutely loved reading ‘Mad Mum of 7’s’ blog post about how she created her own CEWE PHOTOBOOK. The best part is you can read all about it yourself from Afra’s blog here. Enjoy! 🙂

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