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Life in Colour – The Restored Images & Competition Winners

Jane Henry
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If you’ve visited us on site recently or been anywhere near our social media, you’ll have seen that we’ve just wrapped up our latest campaign, Life in Colour.

Life in Colour was particularly close to our hearts as it was more than just your standard competition. We were so honoured to be able to bring family memories back to life for generations to treasure for years to come.

As quick recap, we worked with James Paterson, an incredible Photographer and Photo Restoration Artist, who can transform black and white images into colour photographs. We asked you to send in your photos that you’d love to see in a new light. We were so impressed by the exceptionally high standard of entries, that we really struggled to shortlist just 5 lucky winners. 

What Did Our Winners Receive?

In addition to having their special photo restored by James in a digital format, we printed each of our winners’ images and placed them in a stunning Gold Frame. Now, each family can admire this new-found piece of history for years to come.

Gold framed restored image from competition winner

Since the photographs have been brought back to life with so much love and care, we wanted to provide extra protection so that it can continue to be admired – framing your photos does just that!

The high quality of our prints is due to an advanced 12-colour printing process. This provides a UV resistant, HD finish that is built to last. We can confidently say that when it comes to quality, ours is second to none.

Proud as Punch!

Jane Henry, one of the lucky winners who submitted this wonderful image of her father celebrating the birth of his sixth child (51 years ago!) spoke to us about the happy faces behind the photo.

Jane Henry
Jane Henry


“I was child ‘number four’ (seated front right) and the six of us were all born within a seven-year period. Fast forward to present day, the image below is a picture of my Dad and I at one of the grandchildren’s weddings last summer.

Jane with her Dad

Mam and Dad had six children, twelve grandchildren and six great grandchildren and, as you can imagine, they both put their heart and souls into bringing all of us up. In fact, my Dad, John William Henry, owned a Corner Shop so it’s no surprise that he has his shop overalls on in the photograph. It really was ‘open all hours’ and I rarely saw him without it on when we were growing up!

You could not have picked a better title for the picture ‘Proud as Punch’ – it is a phrase that Dad and Mam have used almost daily for 60 years. Dad has always loved photographs (he has a wardrobe full of them!) and I am sure his new photograph will now have pride of place on the mantelpiece!”

The restored image really will transport all of us back in time to a truly memorable day and a very precious period of our lives.

Competition Winners – An Overview

Joanne Park Scott
Life in Colour

Joanne Park Scott

Joanne Park Scott entered this picture of dairy farmers from her family – taken 4 generations ago! As the only photo of its kind left in the family, we’ve transformed the image to full colour and enhanced the quality to provide Joanne and her family with a glimpse into their history.

Daniel Stevens
Life in Colour

Daniel Stevens

This amazing image features Daniel Stevens’ grandfather aboard the HMS Spearhead in Hong Kong harbour. The photo was taken on the 2nd of September 1945 –  the same day that the surrender of Imperial Japan was formally signed, bringing the hostilities of World War II to a close.

Peter Gordon
Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon

Photographed in 1944, this image shows Peter Gordon’s mother marching in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. Turning 95 years old this year, this image is a touching gift for Peter and his mother, who can be seen whistling in the picture.

Anna de Pretto
Anna de Pretto

Anna De Pretto

This photograph provides an insight into daily life back in the good old days. Entered by Anna de Pretto, the picture features Anna’s mother, uncle and grandmother relaxing in the summer garden with some chickens, whilst the washing dries.

Preserve Your Memories For The Generations Ahead

We loved Life in Colour and hope you enjoyed looking at the restored photos as much as we did. If you’ve been inspired by the idea of preserving your memories for decades to come, then it’s never too late to dig out the old archives. At CEWE, there’s plenty of options for you to choose from too.

If you want to collate all your photos into one place, then create your very own CEWE PHOTOBOOK and fill it with all your happy memories. If you’re after something to hang on the wall with pride, then take a look at our beautiful framed print options and find your new Wall Art piece.

Your history will always be yours – now it’s time to make it part of the next generation.

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