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Our World is Beautiful: November’s UK Winner

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CEWE’s Our World is Beautiful photography competition is well underway, and it’s now time to announce our monthly winner for November.

Once again we were spoilt for choice when it came to choosing our second winning image. In the end though everyone in the office agreed that Stephan Gimpel’s stunning shot of a sunbeam shining into a canyon was a very worthy winner!

Illumination – Stephan Gimpel

Taken in Arizona, USA


“The mid-day sun casts a light beam in a narrow sandstone slot canyon in Arizona, USA. Apart from the unique colours and textures in the canyon, I particularly like this shot due to the varied light effects caused by the sun hitting first the rock and then the sand floor.”

Congratulations Stephan on taking such a beautiful photograph! As I mentioned, we were spoilt for choice when choosing a winner this month, so here are a few of the other entries that caught our eye and made us say “ooooooh!” in admiration…

W I N D : D O W N – Esther Johnson

Taken at Nottingham Trent University, UK

Wind down

“The view from the ninth floor, Friday, home-time.”

Zebras Crossing – Douglas Terry

Taken in Tenby, UK

Zebras Crossing

“Taken in a wildlife park in West Wales, a “mirror image” picture of two Zebras standing almost head to head.”

Spider Jewels – Ian White

Taken in Ashford, Middlesex, UK

Spider jewels

“Enlargement of a spider-web, snapped in a local road.”

First Punters on the River Cam – Nora Hamucska

Taken in Cambridge, UK

First punters on the river cam

“It was a beautiful foggy morning in Cambridge. I was standing on a bridge over the river Cam when the first punters of the day slowly approached surrounded by hungry ducks.”

Autumnobile – Ian White

Taken in Ashford, Middlesex, UK


“A picture of a private car, parked on the local High Street, against a colourful Autumn background.”

Serene Jellyfish – Christine Eddy

Taken in Georgia, Atlanta, USA

Serene jellyfish

“Photo of jellyfish taken in the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta USA in September 2016 whilst on a tour.”

Have these fantastic photos inspired you to pick up your camera and snap your own entry for Our World is Beautiful? You could be in with a chance of winning one of more than 1,000 prizes, including a grand prize worth 10,000 EUR! Not to mention the prize of a £30 CEWE Photoworld voucher for our monthly UK winners like Stephan.

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